5 Unique Activities To Do With Kids at Home

Deciding what to do with your kids and how to connect with them can be a bit stressful. Throw in a pandemic, and it almost feels suffocatingly impossible. Everyone’s feeling this, but we’re here to help ease the stress and offer up some fun activities to do with kids at home.

unique activities to do with kids at home

5 unique activities to do with kids at home

The following are five unique activities your kids might enjoy.


If you want to have fun with your kids, geocaching may be a good idea. This fun activity offers a little bit of everything. Your kids probably use their smartphones all the time. With their phones, they’ll be going on a real-life treasure hunt.

Other parents and kids who play this game place trinkets in various locations, such as parks, recreational centers, and trails. The phone will guide you to your treasure, and your kids can take notes. Don’t take the trinkets unless you intend on replacing them, which teaches your kids to always give back. Everyone gets to explore more of your town or city with this activity, and you’ll get to exercise.

Family Clips

A lot of parents like to post videos of their kids online, but kids love to do this, too. Of course, the videos have to be cool enough to post. The problem is the videos you shoot at home or with your family don’t sound too good. There might be too much noise, or perhaps your phone can’t capture clear sounds.

Well, you can make your videos more professional if you remove the sound using an audio remover online and replace it with clear sound clips or music. Once you’re done editing these videos, you or your kids can easily share them. If you do this right, your kids are going to be excited about the next video you shoot.

Hot Air Balloon

Going on a hot air balloon adventure is a bold choice, but it’s something you kids may appreciate. Flying around in a balloon has a magical quality to it that your kids will appreciate. Fly around slowly to enjoy the view, and you get to take pictures or record videos of the experience.

Since you’re going to be exposed to the elements, you get to experience every aspect of flying. You and your kids have probably been on an airplane, but the air balloon experience is thrilling and unique. Find a local company to schedule your family adventure.

Pick Your Own

Drive away from your home and you’ll find farms that offer pick-your-own produce for those who visit. Going to the store is one thing but can’t compare to picking your own fruit or vegetables. Your kids are going to learn where these things come from and what it takes to grow the food and vegetables they eat.

Some farmers are willing to talk to them about the entire process so that your kids learn. Doing this not only excites your kids’ minds, but you’ll also be supporting local farmers that offer these types of tours. Most of the time, the items you get in stores aren’t local and aren’t that fresh, so it’s a win-win.


Art can mean all sorts of things to your kids. Find out what type of art they’re interested in, and showcase that art. Your kids can put on a play or have a gallery showing of their art pieces each month. They can record music, paint, draw, write a story, or do whatever they want to do. You could even see if your kids want to get involved in acting lessons to help cultivate their artistic side!

If you allow your kids to use this part of their minds, you’ll see how much fun they’ll have. It might be strange at first, especially if your kids aren’t used to it, but you’ll see the natural talents your kids have tucked away inside.

Talk to your kids as you plan your next big adventure or activity. Your kids know what they want to do, so give them a chance to weigh in or suggest what to do next after these activities.

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