5 unique ways to make fast cash

It’s the start of a new year, and whenever a new year starts I know a lot of people make that ultimate resolution: save money. Well hell, how about instead of saving more, we MAKE MORE MONEY!!!! Let’s #makemoneyfast and spend it smarter, instead of always feeling like we have to #savemoney!!! I found five unique ways to make fast cash!

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5 Unique ways to make fast cash

  1. Get paid to advertise on your car. I kid you not. You can actually put ads on your car, and make money every month doing it. There are options, too. You can just do a window decal for about $50 per month. You can go ALL OUT and get your entire car wrapped and make around $400 per month. BA-BAM!
  2. Sell gold jewelry. Everywhere I go, there’s places popping up to sell gold jewelry. I’ve got a bag of it, and I’m selling it. I hate yellow gold on me, and I’ve got a bunch that was given to me over the years. I never wear it, I never will wear it, so I’m going to make some cash on it! I’d just stay clear of those mail-in places. Shop around your gold to a few brick & mortar locations, see who will give you the best rates on your gold.
  3. Staff special events or trade shows. If you live in an area that hosts a lot of trade shows, or special events, they’re always looking for staff. Many times, these gigs are just a few days, and you can make some quick cash. You might have to dress up in a crazy costume to attract attention to a specific booth, or the actual event. Other times you’ll just have to wear a t-shirt and work a normal type of job at the show. Either way, who cares. You’re making money, having fun, and it’ll all end super fast! Every event staffs in their own way, so if you’re interested in this kind of quick cash, call the local places that host events, and trade shows to find out how they staff the events.
  4. Rent out a room in your home, or apartment. Obviously, you’ll want to check references, make sure it’s safe, and if you’ve got kids, this probably won’t be a good idea. If you’re single, have rent to pay, and a spare room – it’s time to rent out a room to help pay rent, or a mortgage!
  5. Sell your sperm, or your eggs. Men have it a little easier on this one, so men won’t make as much per donation. Selling sperm is a lot less intrusive, and isn’t going to require anywhere near what a woman is required to do in order to donate. Women who want to sell their eggs have to be a certain age, and go through a much more dangerous process to be able to harvest the eggs. Women can make anywhere from $5000 to $10,000.

Are some of these ways offbeat, and a little “out of the norm?” YES. That’s why I called them unique!

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