6 Drinks To Stock Up In Your Home Bar

Humans have been enjoying alcohol for thousands of years. Industrious civilizations have been fermenting fruit and grains to create the famous elixir since the beginning of time with the most primitive methods and origins. The earliest evidence of alcohol use dates back to 7000 B.C. in China, where residue was found on pottery jars.

It left its stamp on many cultures, survived and thrived through countless wars, and has even faced prohibition in America as recently as the 1930s. But at the end of the day, alcohol always seems to reign supreme. Those who enjoy it do so for a litany of reasons. Some use it to relax and unwind, some use it to help them sleep, and others apply it as a social lubricant to help navigate the party circuit.

stock up in your home bar

6 Drinks To Stock Up In Your Home Bar

Whatever your reason, there’s no denying that it’s part of our social fabric and not going away any time soon. You don’t need your home bar to be extravagant, but there are some essentials that every domestic barkeep should have on hand. Here are our recommendations to stock up in your home bar:

Cognac and brandy

Whether you’re drinking an imported beer or using an excellent brandy to mix a Sidecar, cognac and brandy are classy essentials to round off any bar. A fine cognac’s smooth taste can be an excellent choice for a digestif to wind down the evening after a great dinner with friends. It’s also perfect for the holiday season while huddled around the fire.

The versatile vodka

Vodka is the Swiss Army Knife of liquor. It can be used for almost anything. If you could only have one type of alcohol in your bar, it would probably have to be vodka for the versatility that it provides. It’s a proud partner of the Bloody Mary (everyone’s favorite Sunday morning drink), as well as a reliable foundation for countless other mixed drinks. From vodka and 7-up to martinis, to screwdrivers, this adaptable drink can be used for almost anything. Heck, you can even have it straight if that’s your thing.

A few whiskeys

Some prefer the bouncy, buoyant ease of clear liquor, but for the rest of us, there’s the dark stuff. No alcoholic beverage is more steeped in history than the revered whiskey. With so many varieties, it will come down to personal preference. Still, you’re going to want to include Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye whiskey in your collection to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful drink truly. What would a bar be without a single malt from the Scottish Highlands?

Furthermore, what would a bar be without the staple ingredient for an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep? I’m looking at you, bourbon. And we can’t forget about the spicy, fruity delight that is rye, which by U.S. law must be made with at least 51% of rye mash.

A tantalizing tequila or two (silver and gold)

You might enjoy a top-shelf gold sipping tequila, or you might prefer a refreshing silver tequila mixed with grapefruit juice and lime. Whatever the case, you’re going to want to have Mexico’s finest on hand to suit the occasion. Remember, not all tequilas are created equally, and you’re going to want to make sure it says “Made from 100% Blue Agave” on the label. Anything else isn’t true tequila and is mixed with fillers.

A few nice bottles of rum

Another classic that any bar worth its salt needs is the timeless bottle of rum. It’s best to stock up on white, dark, and even spiced rum. White rum will generally be the star of the show for its ability to mix with almost anything. From rum and cokes to mojitos to dreamy Caribbean cocktails, the ever-popular rum deserves a spot on the shelf of every bar.

An essential gin

What kind of home bar would it be if you didn’t have the essential ingredient to create the most iconic cocktail of all time – the classic martini. Whether you like it shaken or stirred, gin is vital to have in the house when you want to whip up James Bond’s go-to libation. And what is summer without a classy and refreshing gin and tonic?

Here are some honorable mentions to stock up on to help you complete the home bar experience and be prepared to whip up a cocktail at a moment’s notice:


  • Amaretto
  • Sweet and dry vermouth
  • Orange liqueur


  • Sodas
  • Juices
  • Bitters
  • Grenadine
  • Simple syrup


  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Cherries
  • Olives
  • Cocktail onions
  • Mint
  • Celery


If you’re getting into the beautiful world of mixology and are eager to start your home collection, there’s never been a better time. Liquor sales have skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic, and since we’re all stuck at home, we might as well enjoy it. It’s a fantastic personal skill to develop and a great way to impress friends and dinner guests. You never know when you might have an unexpected guest pop in, so it’s best to be prepared with a stocked bar and some mixing skills to go with it.

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