Seven perfect gifts for dads

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Dads. Brothers. Husbands. Uncles. MEN. It’s never easy to shop for men, right? Many men buy what they want, when they want it. You come up with a killer gift idea for Father’s Day, you’re excited as all hell, and he walks in the door with the exact thing you just purchased for him for Father’s Day. Now what? You thought you had it in the bag! The key to perfect gifts for dads – thinking outside the box. Well, to think outside HIS box. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

7 perfect gifts for dad

7 perfect gifts for dads

  • Trendy Butler

I know, I just told everyone to think outside the box for your gifts for dads, so this one seems odd. It’s a monthly subscription “box.” However, it does think outside HIS box. Most men hate buying clothes for themselves. What do they wish could happen? Perfectly styled clothes magically appearing in their closets. Enter Trendy Butler! He describes his style, and it starts off the process of his monthly box.

  • Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Ladies struggle to find clothing with pockets, and men struggle to find a wallet that fits comfortably in their front pocket, right? A curved designed wallet with RFID blockers is a rare find, too! The Grommet has the perfect wallet for the Dads in your life that’s made in the U.S.A. and it’s actually a nice-looking one that holds money, as well as some credit cards. Woohoo. Check out the curve-design front pocket wallet.

  • Hangover Helper

Who doesn’t like to have a night out with a little “adult” beverage drinking? Most men won’t go out and buy anything to help a hangover, right? Not many people would. You just deal with the hell you put yourself into after a night of drinking. It’s how we’ve all done it for years. It’s a tradition. Well, it doesn’t have to be! You want the perfect gift for the dad in your life? Well, not for YOUR DAD, but for maybe a brother, or your husband? Get Never Hungover. It’s kind of going to be the best gift you give!!! Hell man, this might also be the perfect gift for everyone at a bachelor party, or a bachelorette party. A little “thanks for being a part of my wedding” gift. GENIUS if you ask me.

  • Man Crates

Again, yes, this is going to arrive in a crate, which is technically a box. However, AGAIN, it is thinking outside of “his” box. I would imagine no man is going to buy himself Man Crates. People would laugh at him. And by people I mean his wife, or girlfriend, or mother. Seriously, who wouldn’t laugh at a man who orders MAN CRATES? It’s not something a man would do. Not for himself. Instead, he’d figure out a way he could purchase it, and pawn it off as a gift for his lady friend. Of course, after opening it, would claim ownership of it. We’re hip to those tricks fellas, in case you didn’t know….

The Man Crates are rather cool, unique and totally “outside of the box” kind of gifts. I do believe my favorite is the Zombie Suppression Crate. Yes, it’s a thing and you have to check it out. Give it to your favorite dad who is totally into the Zombie Apocalypse. If you don’t have a dad in your life that’s into Zombies, that’s cool. There’s a ton of other Man Crates to choose from for the golfer, whiskey lover, baseball lover, and so many more!

  • Great American Days

Aaahh, yes. Great American days would be lovely. Peace, love, and relaxation…. but that’s not what this is about. I’m talking about life experiences given as gifts. You read that right. Give a life experience as a gift. Confused as to how one gives a life experience as a gift, beyond bringing a child into the world with your mate, and giving him the “dad” life experience? Don’t over think this, my friends. Great American Days is a place you can buy the chance to experience things like a chance to race a stock car, or be a fighter pilot. Kind of cool, I know. Perhaps he’ll return the favor when Mother’s Day rolls around next year?

  • Organic Chocolate

It’s not just the ladies and moms who love chocolate! Men and Dads are just as into the sweet treat. We also all eat far too much of it. However, if you can switch your favorite men to a healthier version – now’s the chance to try! Hu Kitchen offers quite a few chocolate options – including my personal favorite – chocolate covered almonds. Absolutely worth the money I spend for a healthier option than Hershey’s and Godiva, for sure!

You’ve got to think beyond the ties, golf balls, and coffee mugs people! Get creative, and unique, and totally off-the-wall when it comes to the perfect gifts for dads! Kids can give the cute crap they made at school, of course. However, give those men a little something they won’t buy for themselves. If all else fails, throw on a little naughty something on for the father of your children, and give him a little something after the kids go to bed. The salt collection might come in handy in tandem with the naughty…. just putting it out there.


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