7 Ways To Make Your Date Night Special

Nowadays, date nights may look more like a cozy night than a night in the town. With such hectic lives and over-scheduled calendars, it can be challenging for couples to plan a date night that feels special. But with some foresight, you can keep the spark alive, make your date night special and have the date night of your dreams.

make your date night special

7 ways you can make your date night special

Creating unique dates for you and your partner doesn’t have to take a ton of time. When you know one another well enough, you can easily pick out the right things to do, but to keep your dates from becoming boring – perhaps some of the suggestions below can help keep them memorable!

Build Excitement

Build some excitement between you and your partner before the date. Leave a classic paper note in their pocket hinting at activities you’re planning for the night, and send a text indicating how much you are looking forward to the evening.

Dress up, even if you’re staying at home- your partner will notice and appreciate your effort to look good for them.

Update your Drinks

The same old drinks get boring. Instead of the wine and beer, you always drink, try a fun new cocktail recipe. Spice it up with a gin martini or an old-fashioned. There are so many unique whiskey cocktails to be tasted!

To elevate your drink, invest in proper glasses- they not only make your drink interesting and elegant, but they complement the flavor, too. Once you sip bourbon from real whiskey glasses, you won’t go back.

Make sure you choose the right whiskey glass for your beverage of choice. There are lots to choose from, including tulip, highball, Glencairn, and snifter.

No Distractions

Make your home a distraction-free zone. Turn your cell phones to ‘do not disturb’ – no excuses! Hire a babysitter or pet sitter so you can fully focus on each other and relax.

Plan a Surprise

Everyone likes surprises! Plan a fun and unexpected part of the evening for your partner. Perhaps have a special dessert delivered or a video message from loved ones your partner misses.

Camp at Home

Why not try something new, or something you haven’t done in ages?

Pretend you’re a kid again and build a blanket fort! It’s the perfect haven for movies and snacks. Or, if you have a backyard, put up a tent and pretend you’re in the wilderness. Leave the fly off so you can watch the night sky. You get to feel like you’re on summer vacation but still have the comforts of home nearby.

Play a game

Games aren’t just for kids. Try a new board game or a game app like Heads Up on your mobile phone. Some friendly competition and laughter may be just what the doctor ordered.

And while it might seem boring, puzzles are a lovely activity to do with a partner. The quiet shared activity is a great time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Deep talks

Ok, this one might sound silly, but hear us out. It’s easy to fall into the trap of having dull conversations with your partner when life is busy or stressful. Take some time to truly connect with your partner on a deeper level.

Google conversation-starters, like 40 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in a Relationship.

You might be surprised at what you learn!


While everyone knows it’s important to plan a date night, it’s challenging to make it a priority.

Ensure you don’t get complacent because, over time, your relationship may depend on it! Planning a date night is a lovely way to show your partner that you don’t take them for granted. These little steps go a long way to making date night and your partner feel special.

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