8 Fun Summer Activities to do in Colder Seasons

The shorter days of fall are here, meaning that cooler weather is right around the corner. Unfortunately, that can mean giving up some of your family’s favorite things to do. Before everyone claims complete boredom at the prospect of another day stuck inside, check out these great summer activities you can enjoy all year long. You may even find that some of them are more fun in the winter than at any other time of year.

8 fun summer activities to do in colder seasons

8 Fun summer activities to do in colder seasons (yes, we’re serious)

Yes, these fun summer activities to do in colder seasons is legit! Some of the most fun we’ve had at Hersheypark were during the their Candylane event in December!


Jumping into a cool, refreshing pool when it’s sweltering outside is great, but so is slipping into a warm one mid-winter. Enclosed pools offer a perfect respite from cool winter weather. Plus, they are an excellent way to stay active and fit when many other outdoor fitness activities are curtailed. A covered pool may be closer to reach than many people think thanks to swimming pool loans and construction financing offers.


This is one activity that, while most people associate it with the summer, is actually more fun in the cooler weather of the fall and winter. Nature is a sight to behold when she is majestically coated in snow and ice or as the leaves adopt their vibrant autumn hues. Check trail conditions ahead of time and be sure to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return to stay safe while hiking in the cold weather.


Despite the common notion of camping as a summer activity, it can be quite enjoyable year-round. Look for parks or campgrounds that have amenities for cool weather fun, such as tubing, sledding and nature hikes. Bundling up around a blazing campfire is especially gratifying as the sun sets and a fall chill nips at the air.

Roasting Marshmallows

While you are sitting around that campfire, why not use it as an opportunity to have some good, clean fun. Hunt for a few long sticks ahead of time and skewer a marshmallow or two for roasting. The gooey sweetness will take you straight back to your childhood. If you need more to satisfy that sweet tooth, pack a box of graham crackers and some chocolate bars to make S’mores. Stick to the classic variety, or vary it up by using specialty chocolate and other ingredients.

Walking on the Beach

Who says the beach is only for summer? When dressed properly, a quiet stroll on the beach in cooler weather can bring a whole new perspective on the scenery. Plus, you won’t have to combat others as you jockey for a prime spot to rest your gear. Keep in mind that the body loses heat fast in cold water, and hypothermia is nothing to play around with. Plan accordingly if you plan to dip your toes in more than the sand.


While you are strolling along the sand, think about strapping on a pair of waders and casting in a line. You might even decide to try your hand at ice fishing. Many types of fish are plentiful in cooler water, but you’ll want to research what is in season and follow all local rules and regulations.

Wildlife Viewing

Fish aren’t the only animals that come out in the cold. Winter birds can add a bright spot to yards, and with a strategically placed feeder, you can watch them from the comfort of your warm house. Many larger animals like deer, elk and bison move around during cooler weather. Remember to respect these animals in their natural habitat, and avoid disturbing them. It will make watching more fun and safer for everyone.

Visiting a Theme Park

If the idea of trudging all day through a packed theme park in the summer, only to spend most of your time waiting in line because of the crowds doesn’t sound like fun, a winter excursion might be a better choice. Crisp temperatures and fewer crowds make walking all day more tolerable, and many parks offer discounted rates to attract off-season visitors.

The onset of fall doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Many activities you enjoy all summer long are just as great — or even better — once the temperatures cool down.

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