A couple who can survive a road trip can survive anything

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So, you want to get married. It’s time to start your wedding registry. I’ve got an idea to share with you engaged couples out there. Instead of registering for plates, register for experiences. What? What the heck does that mean? Well, it means yes, get your plates on the registry, because no one wants to eat off of paper all the time. However, also think about creating a registry around an experience you’ll never forget.

Let’s break it down a little more for you! Okay, so you’re in love, and you just know “this person is your person.” HA! Forget those classes that they want you to take before getting married, they don’t help. What helps? What will tell you if you’re union will make it to the moon and back? Go on a road trip with your beloved. If you can survive a road trip, you can survive anything that marriage throws your way.

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A couple who can survive a road trip can survive anything

Marriage is about being a team. A team that works well together. How can a couple figure out if they can be a team, and work well together? The best way to test the waters of marriage is to take a road trip. NO. Not a vacation together, where you fly and head to a beach. That’s not going to give you any insight into marriage, and who this beloved truly is. You need a long road trip to anywhere. It could be to a camping trip, or a luxury resort. It doesn’t matter. The story is in the journey, not the destination. Believe it.

It all starts with directions.

Yes, those stereotypes are often very true. Lots of men don’t like to ask for directions. Guess what? Lots of women don’t like to ask for directions, either! They honestly think they’ll figure it all out on their own, even if it wastes three hours of time going down all the wrong roads, streets, and highways. You want to be a good team player, you either go along with the insanity, or you start the trip off right with a kick-butt GPS system. As a back-up, make sure you’ve got a map of the area you’re visiting in PAPER FORM. Technology isn’t always reliable. Guess what? A map, printed on paper, won’t fail you. Well, as long as you know how to read it, of course.

Pack lots of snacks & drinks.

No trip is going to work if there’s nothing to eat. Get a cooler, fill it up with lots of snacks, and drinks. Don’t forget to also pack napkins, straws, utensils and plenty of hand sanitizer. Full bellies are happy bellies! Schedule plenty of time to pee, of course!

Entertainment on the road.

You’re going to need entertainment for a long road trip. I’m all for chatting, and looking at great scenery. However, when there’s a long stretch of road, and nothing pretty to see, and you’re starting to get on each others’ nerves, you’ll need something to pass the time. You’ve got options. I know, hard to believe there would be options in a car, but I promise. Technology will come in handy!

  • Turn the music up! If you’re smart, you’ll register for a Satellite Radio. You’ll have access to every kind of music, and never have to worry about finding a local station while you’re driving. Perfection.
  • Watch a video. Granted, this won’t work for the driver. I recommend sharing the driving if possible. Passenger time means video time! If you’re not into registering for a video system for the car, it would very smart to register for a killer car charger for your smartphone. Download some videos onto your smartphone, or iPad, and have the car charge your device as you drive!

Prevent speeding tickets.

What can squash a road trip filled with fun? A speeding ticket. I’m not condoning speeding, but there are places where speed traps exist. You’re driving along in one state and the last sign you saw said 65 miles per hour, then all of a sudden a cop pulls you over and tells you “this is a 45 miles per hour zone.” Yup, there’s no fighting it, either. Just have to shut up, take the ticket, and pay it. Sometimes having a radar detector helps! It can help you stay informed of speed limits, your speed you’re driving, and even detect police. Are they 100% perfect, nope. However, it’s a great tool to help!

Obviously, to make this happen, you’ll need to schedule the road trip soon after you’ve scored all your registry gifts at your engagement party, or your bridal shower. Just make sure you’ve got all the right stuff in your registry! Guests can even take advantage of Group Gifting, so some of the more expensive items on your registry don’t have to put your cherished family, and friends, into bankruptcy. They spend what they want, or what they can afford, and you still get what you want. It’s a win-win.

Sit back and enjoy the trip.

Most of all, just have fun. Don’t have a set time to arrive at your destination. Stop often to take in the sites. Even if you’ve got lots of snacks, make sure to stop along the way for a meal you don’t have to balance on your lap in the car. It’s nice to just stretch out, eat at a slower pace, and chat with each other face-to-face, not face-to-side-of-face.

If you plan it right, a road trip can strengthen your bond, and make the trip down the aisle that much sweeter. Go un-prepared, you’ll never make it, and that aisle will seem super long when you’ve arrived at your big day! You’ll remember the hangry comments (you know the things said when you all were starving.) All the little annoying habits will start to play in your head while you watch your bride walk down the aisle, and girls, you’ll shake your head trying to get the image of your man trying to haggle with a cop about a speeding ticket. You’ve got to be prepared, and register properly for those wedding gifts!


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