A New Christmas Tree

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Sears Real Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Photo is from Sears.com website.

It’s been THREE YEARS we have been hunting for the right Christmas Tree. My husband and I just can’t agree on one. TORTURE. I mean, we’re in no real rush. We have one, it’s just looking pretty sad these days……it’s never a good sign when the fake tree is losing “pine needles” all over your house. Sad, right?

My husband wants to see the trees in person, touch the branches, see how they look up-close and personal. ME? I just want a new tree, that looks pretty, without those silly LED lights built into them. Oh, and one that looks real, with NO MORE BARE SPOTS.

The short and skinny of it?  I don’t want to see the metal pole going up the middle anymore. It makes it glaringly obvious it’s totally fake. Who the heck wants that?!

Shocking to me? I went online to hunt for a new tree, and I found out you can actually order REAL TREES through Sears.com! What the? Who the? A fresh cut tree sent to right to my doorstep? Free shipping? For real?

YUP. This is legit. You also get a biodegradable bag for after the holidays when you have to get rid of the tree. There’s a variety of sizes, and all are priced based on the size you want to buy. Plus, when I use my Shop Your Way rewards card, I can earn killer points……I may have to consider a real tree this year, and worry about replacing the fake one next year.

Doesn’t everyone spend four years choosing a fake tree for the holidays?

 *Smiley360 provided me with a gift card to start my shopping experience at Sears in order to facilitate this blog post.

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