Ways to Actually Stay Relaxed on Vacation

Vacations are a nice way to take a breather. A way to escape from the stresses of the real world. But have you ever felt like you needed a vacation after your vacation? Too often do we jet set off to a new place, and load up our itinerary with tours, reservations, and activities – defeating the purpose of self-care and relaxation. Maybe you’re an adventurer. You book a trip to simply release adrenaline…but try not to forget our bodies and minds need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Simple Ways to stay relaxed on vacation

Stay Relaxed on Your “Relaxing” Vacation

In order to stay relaxed on vacation, next time you book a trip, make plans to not have plans, and make sure you’re actually taking advantage of the pause and reset. Read on for a few practical ways to actually relax on your next vacation. 

Do not disturb

Before leaving for your holiday, you should always notify your colleagues and clients about your absence for a specified length of time. That way you won’t feel so guilty about unplugging and focusing on yourself. This is your time, and you’ve earned it, so unplug, put your phone on airplane mode, and even utilize the “do not disturb” sign on your hotel door so that you can sleep in

Plan to Not Have Plans

Maybe you’re a planner – and have a set itinerary or travel book with you to make sure you utilize your time in a foreign place. However, it’s okay to take a few hours in the day to relax, reset, and unwind. Take time to just enjoy where you, meditate, or self-reflect. Block out time to sit on the balcony of your room, or an outdoor café to read a book and just appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to be somewhere new. Taking time to stop and smell the roses will not only help you enjoy the experience more, but also ensure that you’re not overbooking or overexerting yourself.

Book an All-Inclusive Package

If possible, try to book a vacation where food, drinks, and entertainment are readily available and easy to access. Part of the stress of vacation is figuring out what to do, where to go, and when to eat. If you have a pre-paid, all-inclusive trip planned, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what delicious cocktail to order next.

Take a Relaxing Tour

Tours can be a great way to enjoy the scenery, history, or culture of a new place. Consider mixing in a relaxing tour to the mix. This could be visiting the nearest hot springs, walking through local parks, or a sunset cruise on the water. Not all tours have to be physically demanding – having a balance can help you conserve energy and enjoy the experience even more.

Create a Sleep Routine

Travelers often lose several hours of sleep while traveling – due to things like jet lag, poor sleeping arrangements, or too long of days. Make sure that you are holding yourself accountable to proper rest while on vacation. It’s helpful to have an unwinding routine and get on top of feeling groggy or tired as you explore. Essential oils and herbal supplements are great to bring along with you on a carry on to promote relaxation and sleep in a foreign place.

If you have a trip coming up, remember the reason you booked it in the first place. If it was to get a quick escape for your daily routine, or to reward yourself after a long quarter at work, then use these tips to ensure that you return feeling refreshed and renewed.

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About the Writer: Stephanie James is freelance writer, world traveler, and wellness enthusiast. As someone who spends more time in a plane than in a car, she has mastered the art of relaxation & comfort from any time zone! In addition to covering topics on general wellness, you can also find her stories on fitness, travel, and lifestyle topics. Connect with Stephanie or find more of her published work on Twitter: @sjaywrites13

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