What Ages to Start Teaching Your Children About Car Maintenance and Safety

If your kids are planning on driving when they’re older, it’s best to start teaching them about car maintenance and safety when they’re young. It’s always a great idea to prepare them for whatever happens!

what ages to start teaching your children about car maintenance and safety

Start teaching your kids car maintenance and safety early

Use the following guide to determine what ages to start teaching your child about automobile maintenance and safety.

Young Children

You can start teaching young children about important maintenance by letting them know how important it is to keep an automobile clean. Cleaning up snacks, toys and books after an outing should become a habit for your family. Also teach them how to wash the car themselves, or take a trip to the car wash. In addition, show your child how to vacuum the mats.

Grade School Children

Your child may be eager to learn more about car maintenance as they reach grade school. Luckily, this is a time when they’re going to develop and enhance their mechanical skills. Start by:

  • teaching your child the name and purpose of each tool
  • showing your child how to use each tool as you work on the car
  • also show your child how to clean and put each tool away


Once your child becomes a pre-teenager, move them beyond just cleaning the car, or handing you tools. Teach your child how to replace the air filter and wiper blades in a car. You may even feel it’s time to introduce them to tire services, such as checking the tire pressure before an outing.


Your child is going to be ready for more hands-on tasks as they become a teenager. They’re going to understand more about car maintenance, especially if you started teaching them at a young age. Your teenager should learn how to pump gas, change the oil and rotate the tires. Working on the car is a great way to enhance their skills while spending time together.

Young Adults

By the time your child is a young adult, they may know almost everything about car maintenance. However, it never hurts to find out if they have any additional questions about maintaining their car. Be sure to teach them when to take the car in for checkups or tire services.

If you start working with your child at a young age, you can rest assured they’ll have the best auto maintenance and safety BEFORE hitting the road.

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