How to Avoid Winter Slip and Falls

Winter brings cold temperatures, icy roads, and slippery sidewalks. When the temperature is below freezing, even a light drizzle of rain can turn your steps into a slipping hazard. A slip or a fall can lead to serious injuries, so it’s important to use extra caution when surfaces are wet and frozen.

winter slip and falls

How to Avoid Winter Slip and Falls

Here’s how to avoid winter slip and falls.

Wear the Right Shoes

If you have to go outside and brave icy surfaces, you need to have the proper footwear. High heels and shoes with slick soles are not ideal for icy surfaces. Sturdy boots and tennis shoes with a strong grip will give you the support you need on slippery surfaces. You should wear shoes with gripped soles anytime you leave the house during the winter.

Take Your Time

Winter is the holiday season, so you may be extra busy with shopping and events during this time. It can be tempting to rush around from one destination to the next, but it’s important to take your time when navigating icy parking lots, sidewalks, and steps. Slowing down will help reduce your slip and fall risk.

Use Handrails

Handrails and grab bars are installed for a reason, so be sure to use them whenever you are going up or down steps. This extra support could be the one thing that prevents you from slipping on black ice this winter. If you have trouble walking or maintaining balance, consider using a cane or walker during the winter. You can also use your shopping cart for support when you are at the store.

Ask For Help

If you feel uneasy about walking on an icy surface, there’s no shame in asking for assistance. Someone who is stronger than you and able to support your weight can hold your arm and help you across the road or up the steps.

Stay Inside

When the weather is severe, it is best to stay inside and avoid icy surfaces. Low visibility, high winds, and accumulating snow can make going outside extremely dangerous. You can avoid a fall by staying indoors until the storm passes. If you must leave your home, be sure to call someone to help you get to your vehicle safely.

Cold temperatures and wet weather can cause parking lots, porches, and sidewalks to become icy and dangerous. When you are navigating these surfaces, be sure to follow these tips to avoid a fall injury this winter.

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