Baby Socks – USELESS

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baby socks are useless - avoid putting them on your registry

Money saving, as well as time saving, tip: NEVER BUY MORE THAN TWO PAIRS OF BABY SOCKS. They are completely useless, but you’ll need a couple of pairs if you have a child in the spring, or summer.

Don’t fall for the baby socks trap

In general, baby socks fall of a child’s feet, unless you also put little shoes on with the socks. Let’s be honest here fellow parents, until your child’s walking, there’s no need for shoes on baby feet. Sure, shoes on babies are cute. However, so not necessary until they’re standing, and holding onto things. Shoes aren’t necessary until the kid’s cruising in places OTHER THAN YOUR HOME. Bare feet is best.

Baby Socks are useless

Take my advice: DO NOT BUY MORE THAN TWO PAIRS OF BABY SOCKS. You spend most of your day trying to find them. Once you find them, you return them to baby’s feet only to watch them fall off again, and again, and again. Of course, it’s important to wash baby socks. For me, the simple act of washing baby socks results in them stuck in the machine, causing MAJOR issues. A regular ritual in our home: cursing. Why? Multiple baby socks stuck in some dryer hose. NOT PRETTY.

Pants with feet

Instead of buying tons of socks for your baby, save your sanity, as well as your wallet: purchase pants with feet. Purchase feetie  pajamas, along with sleep & play outfits. I’m not saying your 3 year old should be wearing these things, however, for the first six to 12 months of a baby’s life, forego the socks.

Purchase the little pants with the feeties attached in every color you can think of. It’ll save you time, stress, and money! Trust me. I’m sharing this knowledge so you’re not:

  • wasting money on socks
  • wasting time hunting for socks
  • worrying about fishing stuck socks from the dryer

Insist on socks anyway?

If you’re hellbent on purchasing baby socks, and using them: purchase a net pouch one uses to wash “intimates.” If you use the pouch, socks don’t get stuck in any hoses while in the dryer, AND you can easily match them up. No socks lost, means no buying new pairs to replace lost socks. Trust me. Follow this advice, and you’ll NEVER lose another sock again.

Seriously, if you get nothing from this, and INSIST on getting the socks, then I INSIST you buy the netted pouch for when you wash and dry them. I promise, it’ll save you a lot of time SEARCHING for the missing socks. So many times I found my daughter’s socks folded up in her sheets, or stuck in one of her fleece clothing items a week after I had given up and thrown the other stupid sock out!
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