It’s Back to School Manicure Time

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What time is it? It’s time to talk non-toxic manicures! Little Miss can’t wait to head back to school. She’s got her new wardrobe, and is now focused on the perfect back to school manicure. We’ve got plenty of colors to choose from, plus a few nail decals to work with, too.

back to school manicure


Back to School manicure ready

I love amazing nail polishes that aren’t harmful to our health. However, to get the perfect manicure, you need more than just a fantastic color polish. You need to start a manicure with an excellent base coat. I’ve used all of the various base coats and my personal favorite is Karma Organic Base Coat (which also happens to be a top coat, too). Since it covers both the base and top coat roles, it’s a big space saver in our manicure/pedicure bag!

Best Non Toxic Nail Polishes

The base coat, and top coat, don’t necessarily excite my kid, which probably holds true for most kids. Finding the perfect color is her favorite part. Or, should I say, picking the different colors for her nail art, is her favorite part. She likes to mix things up. I think it’s just because she doesn’t know how to pick just one color, especially with all the back-to-school excitement.

Plus, she asks for designs. With designs, you do tend to need a few colors, or at least two complementing colors. Plus, she loves to apply nail decals. This year, her first day of school outfit is an orange dress, so picking the perfect color to do her manicure (and her pedicure), would have been a challenge if we didn’t have such a great polish collection.

Having Trouble Deciding on Manicure Colors?

Our non-toxic nail polish collection is HUGE, which is awesome. However, sometimes narrowing the perfect colors down to just a couple for a back to school manicure is NOT an easy task. However, with the help of Pinterest and knowing the direction she wanted to go was light and bright instead of dark and brooding, we managed to pick the perfect colors for her. If you’re having issues figuring out what colors are best for your kids, pop creative hashtags into your Pinterest search to find inspiration. I like to start with #manicures and then drill down from there.

Here’s a few I found to get the school bell ringing for you:

Good luck!!!!

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