Behind the Scenes: being okay with not being a bigger success

Often pride overwhelms me when looking at my counterparts. It means the world to me to know others in my field are making it big. I smile when asked “why aren’t you as ‘big’ as others?” I’m a huge success in so many ways, the biggest one is being a mother who puts her kids first every time. If it means I am not a bigger success than people think I should be, so be it.

Behind the Scenes: Being okay with not being a bigger success

Behind the Scenes: Being okay with not being a bigger success

In a world filled with so many of us in the professional blog field, or as I prefer to call myself a digital publisher, there’s so many success stories. Contrary to what a lot of people out there believe, I consider myself a success. When I first started in this field, I knew nothing about social media. Since 2009, I’ve become rather savvy in this world of social influence. I’ve a rather large social media community, and interaction with my community is always increasing. I’m a success. Yet, I still get the same question “You’re talented, why aren’t you a big success, like ‘so-and-so’?”

LIFE is why I’m not a big success, like ‘so-and-so.’

I’ve made different life choices! People have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of November Sunflower, as far as opportunities go. The truth is, I say no to many opportunities in this business. More often than not, it’s for my children. I strive to make it to the small events, not just the larger events. It’s just not the way I roll. It’s also why I left the corporate world.

Brands often hear “sorry, I can’t work on that project with you. It would mean I’d miss my daughter’s Literacy Day event. She wrote her entire book about me. I can’t miss it.” Brands sometimes think I’m nuts, and that’s okay. I believe in being there for my kids no less than 99% of the time. Of course, I allow myself a little time to do fun stuff. It’s not easy, but I say yes to a few things! It’s not uncommon for me to say yes to events, and conferences, that take me away from the kids. Not missing school functions, or big sporting events, is the goal. Do I always succeed? Nope. Recently, I had to miss my son’s belt test in Jiu Jitsu, for a press trip.

However, I do my best to be there. I rearranged an entire business trip so I wouldn’t miss my kids’ first day of school. Why? I’m their mother, and I didn’t want to miss the first day! Did I miss the rest of that first week of school? Yes.

Support isn’t always plentiful

I’m a mother of two, school aged children. Neither of them are old enough to be left alone. Which means, when they aren’t in school, adult supervision is required. I’m the adult handling my children. Some support used to be provided, when absolutely necessary, from my parents. However, now that mom’s had her stroke, that’s just not possible. Finding a trusted friend, to send the kids home to, isn’t always an easy task. It means, I opt out of even more opportunities. Support isn’t always plentiful, so I do what I need to do.

It’s a lot to juggle in this circus, and most days, I’m pretty damn good at keeping all those pins in the air. Do the pins drop on my head sometimes, sure. However, as long as the kids thrive in this life I’ve provided for them, I keep adding more pins to the juggling, and see if we can amp this shit up.

Success is different things to different people

There’s different ways to measure success. I believe I’m successful. No doubt. Would I like to increase my income, yes. Will I? Of course, because I truly believe my time will come when the time is right. I’m PREPARED for it, I’ve got the skills for it, and my “good luck” will come for me. Truly, the harder I work, the more “good luck” shows up for me in a variety of ways. I have no doubt the timing will all fall into place, and success measured in monetary gains, will come.

For now? I’m a huge success as a mom, and for me, that’s working for me. Don’t get it twisted. Monetary success is important! Even with less support for me, when it comes to the kids, brands “get me,” and go the extra mile to work with me. Fingers crossed, more will!

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