Behind the scenes with November Sunflower

Behind the scenes with November Sunflower #behindthescenes #business

Life as a writer isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Most of us work from home, behind our computer screens, and rarely have physical interaction with humans that don’t live in their home. It’s a life I’ve come to enjoy, as most of my dearest friends are scattered across the country anyway! However, I find I don’t always share a whole lot about myself with everyone who comes here to visit me each day, week, month, year, or maybe a few times a day? (I know, wishful thinking on that one.) In an effort to come out from behind the screen, I’m going to try and show everyone a little bit of what happens behind the scenes!

Behind the scenes with November Sunflower

Normally, when I write for my website, I create stories around what’s going on in our lives here at November Sunflower. I incorporate my affiliate links when I can, and if I can get paid to put a brand into the written material, well I do! It’s how I’m able to feed this crazy family of mine. I’ve got two kids, a husband, a dog, and me! Mama Sunflower has to make some money, and if I can do it by putting it into my stories, I’m going to.

Listen, I’m not a sales person, but making money is something everyone needs to do. You can’t fault me for that, right? The truth of the matter is, behind this computer screen, there’s a wife, and mother, who puts a lot of work into her craft. My craft happens to be writing, and telling the truth about my experiences with toys, foods, vacations, clothing, services, and so much more. Adding a link where my readers can shop, in order to purchase some of the cool stuff I share through my stories, doesn’t make me evil. It makes me a business woman!

A little glimpse behind the scenes of what happens over on my end of the computer screen? I shop online a lot. After I find the products I love, and I’ve ordered them, as well as used them, I HUNT for an affiliate program with the company. Picture me looking at all the little fine print at the bottom of the website, searching through for those beautiful words I love to see, AFFILIATE or WORK WITH US. Once I find them, I hear music in my head, and the skies open up with rays of sunshine pouring down around me. SCORE. I get to not just share this with others, but when people click on these affiliate links, and buy what I have shared with them, I’ll make a couple of bucks! America is a good place, my friends. A good place!

Now, on the other hand, when there’s no program like this, I feel totally let down and depressed. Little rain clouds set up shop over my head, and even though I love the product, and still share them with you guys, it means I have to try and find some other way to earn a living. Kind of a bummer, but it is the life of an online digital publication owner. How do I make it work in my favor? I just try to create great content. Hopefully the great content keeps you guys coming back for more. Then, at some point, when I share something I love with you, and that something allows me to earn money when I share it, life returns to sunshine and beautiful music.

I guess what I want you all to understand, right here and now, is affiliate links and sponsored posts help me stay on the internet. It means I earn money, because when you own a site like this, you don’t get paid by “your boss.” It’s not Newsday. I don’t get paid regardless of the story I write. I write my stories, and then hope like hell to earn a living off of them.

Affiliate links, and sponsored content, do NOT change my story. Money doesn’t alter my opinion of a product, service, hotel, amusement park, or food. I tell the same story, and that’s it. Money just makes it possible for me to write, and keep writing, about the good, bad, and all that falls in between!

Don’t fear the sponsored content. My stories are just that, my stories. My experiences. I put myself, and my family, into almost every last thing I write on this website. It’s okay to use my affiliate links, they won’t hurt you, and they won’t cost you anything to use them. It will, however, be appreciated by the entire November Sunflower family!

Dig in, read everything I write, and share it. I really do have some great stuff on the site! I’ve even gotten better at taking photos, too!

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