Birthday Gifts to Have on Hand for Your Family and Friends

Birthdays seem to pop up with no warning throughout the year. Unless you mark the day on your calendar, you end up forgetting to buy a gift in time. Instead of being caught off-guard, these are great birthday gifts to have on hand.

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Birthday Gifts to have on hand

Here are a few gift ideas to always keep on hand so that you have something to give for almost any birthday.

Light the World

Candles are inexpensive to purchase, and you can get them in scents for just about any age. You can also get sets with candle holders in them so that you have a larger gift on hand. The best time to get candles that you can keep on hand for gifts? After the Christmas holiday! Everything’s on clearance.


Another gift idea to have on hand for birthdays is outerwear. Among the birthday gifts for her that you can keep on hand are scarves and gloves. Try to keep a few different colors in boxes so that you don’t give each person the same color. You can also get a few sets for the men in your life. If there are children you might need to shop for, then consider getting gloves, hats, and scarves with cartoon characters or fun patterns.


Whether it’s a summer scent of coconut or a warm and inviting aroma of pumpkin spice, there are lotions that you can get in all fragrances throughout the year. You can get scents in bottles of different sizes to make small gift sets for your friends and family for their birthdays. Another option: store-made gift sets on clearance!


Many people enjoy having an extra bag on hand. They can use it for:

  • books
  • craft supplies
  • items they get from the store
  • or as a way to carry their belongings when they go out and about

Keep a variety of bag sizes on-hand and in a variety of colors and designs so you have something for adults and children. You could also have bags with different types of straps on them depending on which way your friend or family member tends to carry any bags they already have.

When you realize that there’s a birthday coming up, you might not have a lot of time to go out and purchase a gift. Instead of avoiding the person on their birthday, you can give them one of the gifts that you already have on hand. Aside from various gifts, you can also keep different types of wrapping paper and cards on hand so that you have everything you need to make sure everyone gets a birthday gift on time.

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