The 7 Best Apps for Getting Booze Delivered

What if you are craving a beer after a long day of work and are too lazy to move? Well, in this digital world where you have an app for everything possible, it’s no wonder that alcohol delivery apps also exist. Since most people have tight schedules and hardly any time to spare for errands, getting things delivered at your doorstep seems like a much better idea. That includes having your booze delivered!

booze delivered to your door

Top Seven Apps to Use to Get Booze Delivered

These apps make it possible to get any booze you want without hassle at any hour of the day. But you may struggle to choose what’s best for you. Hence, here are the seven best apps for getting booze delivered in a few easy steps. Keep reading to explore all your options.


Saucey brings you any kind of booze in just 30 minutes if you live in any major city in the United States. The app’s highlight is among the fastest delivering apps, and you can schedule your delivery on the preferred date and time. The standard deliveries take around two days.

The company charges a delivery charge of $4.99 on all kinds of orders. It also offers multiple promos, discounts, and packages. Some packages even include private bartenders on an hourly basis.

If you’re planning to celebrate special occasions with your friends, you must try crown royal reserve. It is considered to be the most unique and special spirit in the entire world.


Minibar sends you your favorite liquor from your local liquor store itself. They have an extensive range of collections from beer, wine, vodka to luxurious whisky that you can choose from and get from the comfort of your home without stepping out. They do not have same-day delivery; however, they offer great prices and discounts from time to time.

The delivery charges differ according to brands and stores, but there is a minimum order amount above which you can get free delivery and pay only for what you ordered. Minibar is also associated with social development as they aid people in need, making them an even better choice.


Drizly is a trusted choice when it comes to booze delivery. This app offers a myriad of alcohol options to choose from. You can just type in the address where you wish to get your order shipped, and you will be provided with everything available in the area.

The perk with Drizly is that you can get your booze delivered within 60 minutes. They have a standard delivery charge of $5 plus a service charge of $1.99. The prices vary with the product that you purchase.


Doordash is your friend if you want to have a party but do not want the hassle of moving around stores. It helps you get all kinds of liquor in just a matter of time, and it sources your favorite booze, be it beer or whisky, from your favorite stores so that you can have fun without any stress. Doordash is a unique and easy-to-use app.

On top of it, it delivers a meal to someone in need with every purchase. Hence you associate yourself with a great cause every time you make an order. The delivery charges differ depending on the source. Still, you can take hold of the DashPass at $9.99/month, which enables you to receive free deliveries and a reduction in service charges above a $12 order.


Swill is a one-stop-shop for your liquor needs. It brings forth every liquor store and restaurant in the city together in the app so that you get to choose from a horizon of options. Swill presents you with a complete inventory from your area once you enter your location details. The app makes it possible to savor your ideal booze in under 60 minutes after you place the order.

This app has different sections, and depending on your mood, you can get your preferred options. If you anticipate a Friday night party, try going for the weekend essentials. The prices and shipping charges differ according to the purchase made by you.


Do you have friends over and are short on a few beers? Well, you can just go to the Postmates app and can get your booze in under an hour. This app is operational around the clock and has your back whenever you are craving alcohol without the hustle of long queues. The app is not just highly convenient to use; you can also track your delivery in real-time after you place an order.

The delivery charges are different with varying sources. For instance, if the source is a partnered restaurant, the cost is around $0.99-$3.99, whereas, for others, it is around $5.99-9.99. You can also sign up for a membership at the cost of $9.99 a month that offers you free delivery, a 5% discount on restaurant orders above $15, as well as grocery orders above $30.


GoPuff has commendable services, and they assure an average delivery time of around 30 minutes which is comparatively a lot faster than others. They have a smart app where you can choose from a huge selection of liquor and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Apart from alcohol, they also deliver groceries, OTC medicines, and other essentials.

Their standard delivery charge is also relatively cheap as it amounts to only $1.95. You can also go for the membership plan FAM that can be pocket-friendly. You just need to pay $5.95 per month, and it offers you free delivery of alcohol and food.

Just like you order from your favorite restaurant whenever you crave it, you can also get your favorite booze delivered to your doorstep at any hour of the day at great prices. And now that you know these amazing apps, it should be easier to narrow down your choices. You can now select an appropriate app depending on your location or preference and enjoy! So, research well before you make a purchase.

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