Boring Girl Beauty Tips: The Hands

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There’s nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand, and their hands feel like sandpaper. It doesn’t matter if you’re all about boring girl beauty, or if you’re a die hard beauty pro, you’ve got to take care of your hands! Soft, but strong hands are necessary for all women. So what are some boring girl beauty hands tips? My friends, there’s not just one tip, but a couple of them!

boring girl beauty hands


Boring Girl Beauty Hands Daily Routine

The one place I spend a lot of time on, or the two places I spend a lot of time on, are my hands and feet. There’s just something about having soft hands, and soft feet. Right now, it’s about the hands. The feet will be handled in a dedicated post, I promise. The hands… they need to be soft, and look hydrated. The cuticles have to be well kept, and the nails looking healthy.

Manicures are a big thing with me. Once upon a time, I’d spend an hour at the nail place getting them done (along with pedicures.) Now? Manicures are part of my do it yourself budget-friendly regime! I love the whole process of:

  • trimming my nails
  • filing them
  • shaping them
  • cutting back cuticles
  • doing a great hand scrub
  • and a long, relaxing soak

After the amazing prep work and soaking, it’s all about:

  • Base coat
  • Polish
  • Top coat
  • Finishing with a great lotion

It feels divine.

Once mine are done, I move onto Little Miss.

It’s my one “indulgent” none boring girl beauty obsession! However, keeping my hands soft, and looking healthy, doesn’t take a lot of effort. The Hands routine totally fits into my boring girl beauty daily regime.

The Hands daily beauty routine

Every morning, I just wash my hands with regular soap. Nothing crazy. However, I do follow it up with a non-greasy hand lotion that absorbs super fast, so I can just continue on with my morning without everything slipping out of my hands. The struggle is real, my friends. Too many hand creams are super slick, and never absorb into the skin. Who can live like that? No one can! I’m also not into mineral oil in my products.

The evenings are when I spend more time on my hands. After I’m done dealing with my face’s skin care routine, it’s time to spend a little time on hand treatments. It starts with a quality hand scrub. Using a great hand scrub helps get  rid of deep down dirt, and dry dead skin. It smells good, too. I use it all the way up to my elbows, and it makes a huge difference in the softness of my hands, arms, and elbows. Recently, SHHHH, I started using it on the stubborn heals of my feet when in the shower.

Once the hands are clean, and my hand cream has been applied, I focus on my nail beds. If I spend time doing my nails, I want them to look good, and that means cuticles need to look good. No dried out messes, because when that happens, I end up picking at them and it becomes a mess! Bloody cuticles is not a good look, I promise you. Strong, healthy nails are important, and healthy cuticles are equally as important. I find cuticle oil at night gets messy, because I’m tired and I make a mess with all the drippy dippy stuff. Instead, I’ve found using cuticle balm is much easier and a lot less messy!

Budget Friendly Beauty

Achieving beautiful skin, whether it’s your face, hands, feet, or body, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It also doesn’t have to incorporate harmful products if you do a little digging to find organic products without tons of harmful ingredients. Using oils and high quality lotions can provide amazing results for an all over healthy beauty routine.

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