Bumbrella is a modern, no-squeeze slip solution for the fashion forward woman

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Mama Sunflower went out and got herself some new dresses for not just the summer, but for a couple of conferences and trips happening throughout the summer. I’m a big fan of throwing on a comfy dress, a pair of pretty sandals, and very little jewelry, when it’s hot, humid and sweat inducing temperatures! However, the new dresses I bought were a little more revealing in the sun than I had anticipated.

UGH, that means a slip was necessary, and man if I didn’t want to have to do that. Thankfully, at the first conference of the summer, which I attended in New York City in July, I found Bumbrella by Cici Soleil Ltd. What the heck is a Bumbrella? Bumbrella is a modern, no-squeeze slip solution for the fashion forward woman. I mean, who is more fashion forward than me, right? STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!

Bumbrella is a modern, no-squeeze slip solution for the fashion forward woman

Bumbrella is a modern, no-squeeze slip solution for the fashion forward woman

Constricting body slimmer slips make me cry. Seriously, just cry. First of all, they never actually shape you. They push the fat from your body UP so that it spills over the top of the shape wear. Wherever the edge on the shape wear hits, you bet there’s a roll of fat popping out the top, bottom, side – wherever! It’s horrifying looking at yourself in the mirror, turn a little to see how you look from behind and BOOM: odd fat bulge right on your back. It’s so not worth it.

I’ve learned to just buy clothing that fits me, and wear minimal underpinnings. Right now, I’m not a size 2. I’ve had a few struggles with health, and I went up to a size 4. It is what it is, and instead of shoving myself into the size 2 clothing and having fat pop out the tops of my pants, I wear the size 4 clothing and my body looks much better. No muffin tops, and shirts lay flatter.


However, for dresses, it’s a little hard to find slips that don’t want to squeeze me and start popping out the fat rolls along the edges of my “shapewear” and “body slimmer” slips. My new dresses just needed a little bit of concealing underneath them, so I wouldn’t be showing off my underwear when standing in the sun. I’m a simple girl, so I like simple things. Bumbrella makes it happen! It hangs freely around my hips, and I don’t even feel it while I’m wearing it. PERFECTION. It’s also easy to adjust the length. So if you’re wearing a shorter hemline, it’s okay. The Bumbrella adjusts.

Here’s what I love the most about the Bumbrella: the slip and underwear are all attached! No having to wear separate pieces. Which means it all falls perfectly, instead of a slip riding up, bunching up, or falling down past your hemline! You can get a hipster, like I have, or a thong. The slip part falls around the underwear, making that peep show under your dress a thing of the past! Plus, there’s three colors to choose from. I stuck with the nude color, because it works under all colors, even black. Although, I might consider getting black…we’ll see if there’s a true need for it.

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New York Fashion Week will be a lot more fun with my Bumbrella

Last September when New York Fashion Week hit, I found myself uncomfortable at basically every event I attended. Why? I was constantly adjusting the body slimmers I was wearing under all of my dresses. I felt uncomfortable, but also, distracted.

Not this year! I’m going to be comfortable, and totally focused on the task at hand: fashion! Plus, a bit of fun with my fellow fashion lovers. Of course, it’ll happen once I return from California! Once I return, there’s plenty of Fashion Week left for me to enjoy whilst sporting my new Bumbrella!

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