Buy Textbooks? Why, when you can rent them for less.

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I haven’t attended college in a loooooong time. However, I’m sure textbooks didn’t go down in price at all. As a matter of fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say they have actually INCREASED in cost. What used to make me laugh my ass off was when I sold textbooks back? Receiving about $2.00 for a textbook that cost $50.00 to buy back in August. Gotta love that, right?

Don’t buy! Rent them for less.

Professors required certain books, and buying them at the campus book store was what we all did. I figured if I thought too much about it, I’d make myself cry all the time. Instead, I just paid for the cheapest used books I could find in the school’s bookstore, because that’s what was available back then. However, that’s not the case TODAY. If I was going to college these days, I’d rent my books. There’s a few different companies that rent books, but after a bit of research, I’ve come to the conclusion I’d probably head over to Campus Book Rentals.

Why Campus Book Rentals?

The main reason: they donate to a great cause called Operation Smile. Operation Smile receives a donation for every textbook rented from Campus Book Rentals website. They’re an amazing organization performing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families aren’t able to afford such a surgery. SO COOL. I love when companies give back, plus save you money!

Campus Book Rentals saves you money.

  • save up to 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • don’t have to pay a crazy membership fee
  • highlight in the books (just don’t go bat crap crazy with it)
  • FREE SHIPPING. Not only to get books, but also to return books.

If you’re like my crazy smart family members, you love science, right? Let’s just say I’m not a big science fan, so I never had to buy crazy, expensive Microbiology books. I’ve a few cousins that had to buy them, and they may never own a home on Long Island after having to buy these books. However, now they can rent them, and save HUGE on their spending while at college.

In my day I was buying journalism books, which were heavy to carry; far too boring to read; and, so overpriced it wasn’t even funny. I would have preferred renting the dang books, for sure. Especially with free shipping, and a really great return policy – oh, yeah, did I mention if you need to return the book, because your nutso professor is completely bonkers and you decide he’s not the right one for you, so the book is now USELESS – return it within 30 days of the purchase for a 100% full refund. Yeah, try doing that at the school’s bookstore. HAHAAAAAA.

The site is just full of great info, so head over, check it out, and start RENTING YOUR TEXTBOOKS!

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