Catalog Choice helps de-clutter my home

Clutter is the enemy in my home. I’ve been spending time de-cluttering not just my mind, but also my shelves! The less clutter around my house, the more clear my mind seems to get. One of the first things to remove from the home? Unwanted catalogs I don’t even remember signing up to receive in my mailbox.

One step closer to less clutter at home

It’s not going to save you money, however, it’ll get rid of so much clutter from your home. I don’t know about you guys, but getting a million catalogs from companies isn’t a thrill for me. All of them pile up, as if I’m going to go through them! Who am I kidding? Half of them I never signed up for! Beyond the clutter, the thought of all the trees being cut down to create the pile of catalogs I never look through, is upsetting.

The solution? Catalog Choice

CatalogChoice.org lets companies knows you no longer wish to receive their catalogs in the mail. Sweet, right? It’s simple to use, too. Just collect all the catalogs piled up in your home, and head to the website: www.catalogchoice.org.
  • search for the sender
  • submit the opt-out request
  • sit back and let CatalogChoice.org do the rest
  • BONUS: the website also helps reduce junk mail from previous home owners


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