Cheap and Eco-Friendly gift wrapping options

Wrap your gifts with a more eco friendly mind set.

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Explore these cheap and eco friendly gift wrapping

A gift is never complete without its wrapping paper. There’s something about a great decorated present that makes it perfect, regardless of what’s inside. Unfortunately, wrapping paper can be expensive and inefficient for the environment. For eco-loving gift givers, there’s plenty of options for giving a stylish present, without endangering the environment.

Old Clothes

Cloth wrapping is a unique, and easy way, to wrap a present. You don’t have to buy new fabric from the craft store to do it. If you have old clothes or scarves you no longer use, they can be re-purposed into wrapping. Even if your hand-me-downs don’t look stylish enough, you can spruce them up with stamps.

Old Newspapers or Magazines

Newspapers, catalogs and magazines pile up after we’ve read them. All of them waiting for recycle day. Why not re-purpose instead? Find a few nice pages of these recyclable papers and use them to wrap your gift the same way you would use any other wrapping paper. If you desire nicer wrapping, you still have the option of using the paper as your canvas.


For the traveler in your life, a map might be the perfect wrapping paper. Maps, in general, are large enough to cover a big gift. Bonus idea: choose a map of the destination the person you’re gifting to loves! Or, perhaps, the person wants to to visit.

Re-Using Wrapping Paper & Bags

When receiving a gift, your instinct might be to rip the wrapping off, and immediately throw it in the trash. Instead, unwrap the boxes or gift bags carefully. Put it away for the day you have to give a gift. It’s free, and just like recycling!

Decoration Extras

On the top of your gift, an additional decoration can make a gift seem extra special. Sometimes, an extra decoration can also be a bonus present. You can incorporate nature into your decorations, such as flowers or twigs. Holiday ornaments are perfect for gift wrapping decorations as well. If you have ornaments you haven’t used in a while (and are willing to give away), tie them on your gift.

Shopping Bags

Whenever you go shopping, your purchases are in a brand new paper, or plastic, bag, at no cost. You might even have a bunch of unused shopping bags piling up under the sink. What better use for them then to utilize them as wrapping paper?

Art Work for Kids

If you have children, you have stacks and stacks of artwork. Of course, you’ll keep the best of the artwork, but there’s sure to be extra. Use these colorful designs as wrapping for close family and friends. It gives more charm and whimsy to your gift. Just be sure to get the stamp of approval from the little artists, first!

Re-Use Containers

A gift doesn’t always have to come in a box or bag. Surely there are unconventional containers around the house you don’t need. Old tins, as well as bottles can be used to hold a small gift. For jewelry, you can even use empty baby bottle containers. Just make sure you clean them out thoroughly first.

There are plenty of ways to wrap a gift that will save you not only money, but the environment as well. Using some of these unique wrapping ideas are sure to be aesthetically pleasing, and the recipient will likely appreciate your creativity.

And, please, help parents out by including a gift receipt with your gift before you wrap it!

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