Clean beauty revolution is Au Naturale Cosmetics promise to customers

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Holidays. It’s never easy to figure out what to purchase for the teenage girls, or boys, in your life. Totally get it. My daughter’s only 11, but she loves wearing lip gloss. Since her mother, a.k.a. ME, rarely wears make-up, or cosmetics, she’s aware of make-up, but knows I’m not a huge fan. Chemicals on my baby’s face doesn’t thrill me. However, a clean beauty revolution promise from cosmetic companies like Au Naturale Cosmetics gives me hope for my daughter’s future make-up wearing teen years.

Au Naturale Cosmetics clean beauty revolution

Au Naturale Cosmetics makes a clean beauty revolution promise to customers

Listen, I won’t lie. Eleven is too young for make-up. A full face of make-up at any age before 18, to me, is crazy. I grew up with girls doing this, and now their skin, looks like garbage. I’m a strong believer in investing in quality cleansers, lotions, creams, and acne products. Covering up skin flaws makes them worse in the long run. However, after exploring products online, in preparation for my daughter’s cosmetic wearing years, I’ve learned a few companies are stepping away from chemicals in their products.

Au Naturale Cosmetics is one company promising a clean beauty revolution with the removal of Parabens, and using factually healthy and naturally sourced ingredients for their formulations. It’s refreshing to know there’s a commitment to safety for cosmetic wearers.

Don’t get it twisted, my daughter is far too young to be wearing make-up. Even when she danced at recitals, she didn’t wear make-up like all the other little girls. However, once in a while I’ll let her wear lip gloss, or a little lipstick. Nothing crazy, just a light color to bring out the pink in her lips. Knowing Au Naturale Cosmetics is offering a more natural, and organic, option is comforting. Lessens the guilt for a mom focused on keeping her kids safe from toxins!

I’m happy. She’s happy. Life goes on.

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