Connecting with Your Past: Build Bridges Between You and Your Ancestors

Your family has a history, a legacy, and has accomplished more than you will ever know. How do you connect with your past and make it alive in the present? Don’t you want your children and grandchildren to know about your grandparents and those who passed before them? Connecting with your past, and building a bridge between this world and your ancestors is a magical.

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Connecting with your past

Here are a few tips for making connections with your descendants from a lifetime ago.

Create a Pedigree Chart

A pedigree chart or family tree is the genetic history of a family that spans several generations. Every family should have one of these charts filled out so that future generations can learn about their ancestors. The chart is easy to do by using sites like Ancestry as a source. There are tons of resources at your fingertips. When starting to dig around, all the new information can be overwhelming. 

Talk to Relatives

By talking to the older members of the family, you will find a wealth of knowledge that you can’t find online. They can tell you stories and show pictures that are not going to be general knowledge. Most of the information you can find online include the location of the grave, census details, military documents as well as other generic data. Relatives can make the past come to life through colorful stories and memories that only they can share.

Make Contact through Other Worldly Methods

It may sound a bit out of the norm, but there is a way to use energy to contact those who have passed on. You can go to a medium to channel the spirits of relatives, or you can use a psychic medium hotline. Now, keep in mind that not just any psychic can make such a connection. It must be someone who has a gift for communicating with the dead.

You can ask questions, find answers to things that have always confused you, and get peace of mind knowing your loved one is at rest. Though it’s certainly not a conventional method for finding out information about your ancestors, dabbling in the paranormal world has become increasingly popular for those who want to speak and have interactions with ancestors.

Connecting the Past with the Present

Make sure you write down anything that you learn while you’re on this journey. The things you discover will become precious to the next generation. You might find your relatives were royalty or did fabulous things in life. Who knows what you will uncover?

Author bio: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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