How to convince your kids to do spring cleaning

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I know, you’re thinking I’m nuts to try and offer up a “how to convince your kids to do spring cleaning tutorial.” Sometimes I think I’m imaging it, but my kids enjoy cleaning with me. They haven’t tackled the big spring cleaning job with me, but this is the year, my friends. I can feel it. I’m giddy at the thought of it! I haven’t always let the kids help with the household cleaning, because they just made it harder for me, instead of easier. However, as the kids get older, I’ve started to allow them to help me clean.

Surprisingly, my son loves to vacuum, and is pretty good at it. Plus, for some odd reason, he loves to help clean the bathroom. Which is great, since he’s the cause of most of the destruction in there each day! My daughter enjoys working in the kitchen, helping clean counter tops, and floors. I’ll take it while I can get it, right? But getting them to help with spring cleaning? It took a bit more effort to get them on board.

How to convince the kids to do Spring Cleaning

How to convince your kids to do spring cleaning

First step in Spring Cleaning

Bring them to Walmart when you pick up the Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels. They’ll think they’re going to get some kind of treat, but really, it’s just about breaking the news to them they’ll be doing some spring cleaning with Mom! I slowly brought Little Miss around once I told her Viva® Vantage® paper towels have a scrubby texture, and it’ll be awesome when cleaning the patio furniture, and the stovetop. The Boy? Well, he’ll be using them to scrub the bathroom counters, since he loves to drip toothpaste everywhere.

Handling our mirrors: Viva® Towels, and The Boy. Those are softer, and the huge mirror in our bathroom needs a nice top to bottom, overall cleaning. The Boy will have to stand on the bathroom countertop to reach the entire mirror, because it’s that big. We haven’t been able to re-do our bathroom since we moved in almost seven years ago. It’s a big job cleaning that mirror, but The Boy is totally up for it, now that he’s got soft paper towels!

Second step to involve the kids in cleaning for Spring

Remind them that spring cleaning isn’t just about the main house, but it’s important to refresh the bathrooms with new curtains, towels and to stockpile the Cottonelle® Toilet Paper Double Rolls, along with Scott® 1000 Bathroom Tissue. You’ve got to have options for guests, and their backsides. It’s how you get the top billing as most awesome hostess. Plus, with the 1000 sheets from Scott® 1000, I know I won’t run out!

Let the kids help choose the new shower curtain, and towels, for the spring makeover during spring cleaning. Just make sure you’re not in the cartoon character section of Walmart. Try to move over an aisle, get them looking at spring patterns. You’ll thank me later. Especially, with the CleanRipple Texture on Cottonelle®. I’m not sure about you, but I like to know my guests bums are clean before they come sit down to socialize. No racing stripes wanted here.

Once you’re home, and you’ve got your cleaning supplies out of the car, you’ve got to get creative to get these monsters helping without a whole lot of resistance. So the next steps in this tutorial are crucial for optimal performance.

Third step in the spring cleaning process

Promise food. Serve it on Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels, built in face cleaning tool. Shameful, I know, but food is a source of motivation for almost everyone in this house. Let’s be quite blunt: these apples did NOT fall far from the tree.

Gotta carb load before you start your spring cleaning with Viva Paper Towels #SpringClean16 #walmart [ad]

Fourth and most important step in the spring cleaning process

Hide money in the paper towel roll. Let them know, the more cleaning they do, the more money they’ll earn. Get those mirrors clean, counter tops wiped down not just in the bathroom, but head out to the kitchen, too. You’ll ROLL in the money if you help, kiddies. I’m not saying stick all twenties in the Viva® paper towel rolls. A couple of dollar bills will be fine, and maybe a random $5 bill, and perhaps, further down the roll, stick a $20 in there, just to keep it interesting. Make sure EACH roll of paper towels has the same amount hidden in them. Just roll out a few “rounds” of the towels, tape the money to the paper towels, then roll them back up. It takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it to see the surprise on their faces when they find the cash.

My SUPER SECRET DEVIOUS tip? I go get the kids’ piggy banks, and use their own money to put in the paper towel rolls. Don’t judge! Now’s the time to get the full worth of all those tooth fairy dollars you’ve been paying out, just because the kid lost a couple of teeth. You know it’s genius, don’t gasp at the thought.

However, do set a couple of rules: no unrolling the entire thing at one time, kiddies. One sheet at a time! Work on one job, finish it before a pulling a new paper towel. Break the rules: all the cash becomes the other sibling’s piggy bank deposit!

Incentives for the kids so they want to Spring Clean #SpringClean16 #walmart [ad]

Super simple spring cleaning organization tip

Now that you’ve got the spring cleaning finished, it’s time to organize a bit. We all know how things pile up, on flat surfaces around the house. Our kitchen counter is a nightmare. Our bathroom shelves become insanely overpacked. However, it’s the drawers in this house that seem to create more clutter, without us ever putting anything new in them. It’s like the items in the drawers are multiplying, birthing out new clutter.

The only tip I can offer in this area? Dump the entire drawer out on a towel on the floor, sit on down, and sort everything out. Figure out what you need to keep, throw out, and move to a more appropriate place in the house. Once you’ve got it all sorted out, head to Walmart to find some dividers that fit your drawer. Trust me, you need dividers. Once you place everything back in the drawer, it’ll help keep it neat, clean, and you won’t have anywhere to stick those random things you have no clue what to do with, inside the drawer. There won’t be any room, thanks to the dividers!

Do you have great spring cleaning ideas? What about an organization tip? Sound off in the comments below, my friends. Just remember, I monitor the comments, so they won’t show up until I review, reply and push them through!

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