Cooling towels help take care of your little athletes

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I’ve got two little athletes in my home. If they’re not playing golf, they’re playing tennis. If they aren’t playing tennis, one’s out on the lacrosse field, while the other one’s on the soccer field. Plus, they’re in the dojo for Jiu Jitsu, and in the dance studio in Hip Hop classes. Athletes need to be taken care of, because overheating is a legit issue. Cooling towels help take care of your little athletes. I know, because they help take care of my little athletes every day.

Cooling towels help take care of your little athletes

Cooling towels help take care of your little athletes

Heat is no joke. However, you have to get those little athletes to practice! Along with going to practice, you’ve got to figure out ways to not just stay hydrated, but cool, too. Jiu Jitsu for my kids isn’t bad, since they are in an air conditioned dojo. Dance? It depends, but the kids don’t do dance over the hottest months. What kills them? Tennis over the summer, and those first couple of months of lacrosse, and soccer, when school starts in September.

Sweat? I could fill buckets up with how much those two sweat. Red faces? Let’s just say they could be mistaken for tomatoes from your summer garden. It’s rough, but they love to play sports. It’s who they are, and it’s what they love. I can’t tell them no, and if the heat index allows it, the kids are at practice. This year? Summer tennis was so much easier on the kids, because Mama Sunflower got her little sunflower petals Enduracool Techknit Cooling Towels! The Boy got blue, Little Miss got Aztec Purple.

Mission has created these fantastic towels you soak with water, then “snap” to activate, and these babies stay cool for hours. SCORE for my kids, and I even got in on the action with a Hi Vis Green Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel. It works great while the sun beats down on me at their practices, and games. HOWEVER, the cooling towel was so good, I knew someone else could get amazing use out of it!

Cooling towels can be used for non-athletes, too

Back in February, my mother suffered a heart attack, which set off a stroke. She spent a month “sleeping,” and finally woke up in April. Once she woke up, it was physical therapy every day for hours. Mom worked hard, and came home in July. When she came home, she enjoyed the pool, but could only sit on the steps of her pool. It gets hot when you can’t go all the way into the pool, and the cooling towel helped keep her cool.

It doesn’t stop there, though. When she’s outside, and just hanging out, she uses it to stay cool. But even better? Dad uses it, too, when he mows the  lawn, or does any kind of yard work. Instead of a wet paper towel, or wet towels, everyone’s using the cooling towels, because they cool to 30 degrees below average body temperature. PLUS, they stay cooler for a long period of time.

My favorite parts? All of the cooling towels are machine washable, and chemical free, with a UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor.)

Trust me when I say this: if you have loved ones in your life who spend time outdoors, this is a gift they’ll fall in love with. Athletes, elderly, those who work outdoors all day, and even pets, can all use these cooling towels.

PS-there’s headbands, and more, to help keep you cool in the brutal heat. Definitely check out mission.com online. You’ll thank me, I’m sure of it.

Extra tip when using the cooling towels

If it’s not super hot, but you want to keep your beverage cool on the tennis court…. put your cooling towel on the water bottle, or gatorade bottle. Keeps them rather cool, and still can be used between points, to cool off the tennis player on the court!

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