Starting Meditation? 4 Ways to Create a Backyard Escape

Stress takes over most people’s lives, and almost everybody needs an escape. However, finding a place where you can put your mind at ease and recharge the energy lost during the day is challenging. Vacations are great, but they don’t last forever. Extend the relaxation when you make a little heaven on earth in your yard. Create a backyard escape by turning part of your yard into a retreat. 

Create a backyard escape

4 ways to create a backyard escape so you can start meditating

With proper planning, you can create your own personal sanctuary in the back of your home and meditate to your heart’s content.

Enclose the Yard

Your backyard won’t feel like a true spot for meditation if you don’t have privacy. You won’t feel very comfortable if your neighbors are staring while you try to achieve inner peace. Seclude your chosen spot with strategically well-placed screens and garden walls. You can also set up a fence and a roof to convey a sense of curiosity and wonder. Hedging plants are perfect if you desire to experience that Tibetan monastery feeling. The Leylandii hedge, for example, can grow up to over 30 meters, meaning it can get to any height you wish. Still, you must trim it regularly, or it can get out of control.

Create a Garden

Connecting with nature is essential for all those desiring to make meditation an important part of their lives. There is no better way of doing this than by incorporating plants into the backyard. Plants provide oxygen, and when you are meditating, that’s exactly what you need the most. Surround your meditation spot with bamboos and flowering plants. You will not only breathe better, but the fragrance in the air will make your backyard escape something to look forward to every day.

Design the Patio

Patios can make your relaxing time in the yard much more rewarding. First, build an image in your mind of how everything should look. Use a floor surface with a natural look such as stone instead of brick to achieve a more natural appearance. A roof over certain spots of the patio allows you to add swinging sofas and hammocks where you can feel at ease without having to worry about the weather.

Add a Fountain

If you desire to relax in your backyard, a fountain is a must. A well-designed fountain is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the ear. You can stare at it for hours, entranced by the endless stream of running water. The sound created by the water also has a soul-nourishing effect that can soothe your heart. Fountains are available in almost every conceivable shape. Stepped rock waterfalls are a classic, but you can go for wooden barrels, planting pots, or sculptures if you prefer.

As you can see, creating a backyard escape is a simple matter. You don’t have to take a trip to a faraway resort to relax and enjoy the tranquility. The most important thing required is a bit of imagination. Think about it, and you will see you don’t have to leave home to find the calmness you seek.

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