Creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day (to give yourself)

While we’re recovering from the December holidays, it’s never too early to plan for Valentine’s Day, right? The day of love, and relationships, might (NOT!) be everyone’s favorite greeting card holiday, especially since it’s supposedly the ultimate time to profess your love, and admiration. What if you’re single? Or, what if <gasp> you got dumped? How do you survive the day of love and relationships?

Creative gift ideas for a savage solo valentine's day

Creative gift ideas to give yourself on Valentine’s Day

Here’s a kicker for you… don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, buy boxes of chocolates. Devour them until the sick hits. Because, you know, why not? Chill out with Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s arrow, along with its target accuracy means as much as you want it to mean. For many, it means absolutely nothing, and for some it’s everything.

If you’re single now, and you’re single in February, who cares? Are you happy and healthy? When V-Day comes, stock up on gifts for you. Indulge in some you-time and self-care. Don’t just celebrate solo, but also in style with creative gift ideas. Here are the best indulgences you need to buy for a Savage Solo Valentine’s Day Celebration!


If you hate chocolate, or have allergies, skip this one. Otherwise, for goodness sake, go buy a box of chocolates. Splurge on the good stuff, too! Try not to eat so much you feel sick—even I’ve learned my lesson there. Try new varieties of chocolate, or buy your old favorites.


Ever hear of a right-hand ring? It’s a ring you buy for you, and can be as over-the-top as you want. Go bold with a diamond solitaire or select your birthstone. You don’t need a partner to buy you a ring. That’s much too old-fashioned. Anyone who wants a ring can buy one. Celebrate you, along with your success! Obviously, you don’t have to buy a ring. Maybe you want a diamond tennis bracelet, some new shiny earrings or a necklace. Just find the sparkle that lights your spark!

A bouquet

Remember the scene in the movie “Clueless” when Cher sends herself flowers to make Christian jealous? Channel your inner Cher, but not to make Romeo jealous. Send yourself a lush bouquet because you deserve it. And darn it, you want pretty bloom: roses, tulips, whatever! Best bet? Send those flowers to yourself at work!

A new outfit

We all do this: put ourselves last. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to purchase a new special something for your closet. Maybe it’s that killer leather jacket you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps you want a new power suit. Keep your budget in mind, but otherwise, have fun and go shopping!

Don’t DIY

Sick of cleaning your apartment, or house? Hire a cleaner for a one-time service. Take some of the responsibility, as well as stress, off of you! Hire out the job you most despise. Yes, that could mean cooking, too. Or laundry!

A break

If Valentine’s Day breaks your heart, try to do something to take your mind off the day. Head to the movies; go to the spa. Take a break from the day. Do something that makes your heart happy, because, yes, the day is about your heart.

Celebrate you on Valentine’s Day and give a gift to you! Indulge in chocolate, flowers or even a piece of jewelry. Make your heart happy!

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