Cultivating serenity: how to transform the vibe of your home

A home should serve as a sanctuary from the struggles of daily life. Making small changes to your atmosphere can dramatically improve your sense of serenity, and calm. With a little ingenuity, you can bring order to chaos. It can make your life simpler, and more efficient. For an even more dramatic change, some light home renovation from an expert may be all you need to improve the quality of your life.

cultivating serenity: how to transform the vibe of your home

Cultivating serenity: how to transform the vibe of your home

Start with a layout

Remodeling could be required to bring peace, and serenity, to your home. A home’s layout has a dramatic effect on your living experience. You can’t underestimate how a poor design can leave you feeling nervous, and anxious. Large, wide and open layouts are ideal for cultivating big ideas, and boosting creativity. Meanwhile, small and enclosed spaces, can be the perfect place to get work accomplished.

Evaluate the amenities

Your flair for life can be enhanced with a modern soaker tub designed to help you get much-needed relaxation. It can also add Zen into your life. When ending your day in a renovated bathroom, you can enjoy a greater sense of relaxation, and rejuvenation. A well-designed bathroom can dramatically impact your attitude towards life. Don’t have a big budget, many small changes can easily increase your level of enjoyment. As an added bonus, it will also increase the value of your home.

Defy the shrinking workday

Revamping your home might very well improve your perception of time. The Economist notes that the problem of feeling rushed is partly an issue of perception. Leisure time for most industries has increased over the years, but it won’t feel like you have much downtime if you’re living in a poorly designed home. Consider adding a room that is free of all electronic devices, and clocks. Make it an oasis from the world. It’s amazing how much more time you’ll feel you have.

Avoid trends that reduce efficiency

As Hilary Farr from the Rules of Renovation blog is quick to point out, the value of your properties can be easily increased with smart design principles. One suggestion is to add a doorless shower. While the idea in itself can help give you an open and airy shower experience, it needs to be carefully implemented to avoid drafts, and leaks. A shower zone must be created to help protect privacy while still maintaining the open air feel.

Embrace your slanted ceiling

If you live in an older home with slanted ceilings, this may seem like an insurmountable hurdle to pass. Consider talking with builders about evening out slanted ceilings to provide more room for storage. Some simple shelving can take the odd design, and turn it into something highly practical, as well as useful. In many cases, an older home may need to have the roof replaced. During this task, consider adding a skylight. Additional windows bring in more light to your home, which is always a spirit lifter.

Increase your space

If you have a three-bedroom home, but don’t have a need for all three bedrooms, consider tearing out a wall. Maybe add a loft if you have high ceilings. Small additions like this can really open up your home, and give a new vantage point to view your surroundings. Make your home vibrant, and energetic, by increasing your available space.

While you may wish to tackle your renovation project quickly, it’s important to take breaks during the planning phase. When you make time for relaxation, you will notice issues crop up with your plans that didn’t appear during your initial planning. Take it easy. Make sure to sleep on any new ideas before committing to a project.

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