Custom designer decor from Loom Decor

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Shop custom designer window treatments, bedding, accessories and more at Loom Decor!Again, we’re going to reference the big flood of August 2014. It happened in our beautiful finished basement, and destroyed the entire place. We don’t have a small basement, and basically the entire thing was finished with beautifully painted walls and wall-to-wall carpeting. I loved it down there, and my office was just the perfect place to spend my hours writing away next a huge window. Damn flood stole it all, and now with a very small budget, we’ve got to put it all back together! Custom designer decor would normally be out of our budget, but with Loom Decor, we might just be able to pull it off! Custom window treatments, along with some custom pillows!

Custom designer decor from Loom Decor

Our new basement is going to even better than before the flood. We chose bright, beautiful colors for the walls: Buzz-In yellow and Yucatan blue. The yellow’s on the walls already, now I’m just waiting for a few more last minute walls to be put up so I can paint the blue on the main part of the basement! SO EXCITED.

My little sunflowers will enjoy a bright yellow play area, where my old office space used to be. Thanks to the flood, the office has been moved to the main floor of our home. Mama Sunflower isn’t taking any chances with flood damage to my computers, and technology. Hell no. Now the kids get a really cozy space to play games, watch television and even do their homework. The yellow look fantastic, especially with the gorgeous light coming from our huge windows down there.

However, we do need some curtains to help block out some of the light for video game playing, and television watching. Where does a budget-wise lady of the manor look for high quality, but affordable custom window treatments? Loom Decor, that’s where! Loom Decor has complimentary design assistance, plus they allow you to check out free fabric swatches. I’m a little overwhelmed doing it on my own, because there’s about 400 designer fabrics. Having the design assistance, plus the chance to see the fabric, is going to be a huge help for me.

What else does November Sunflower always love to do? Buy Made in U.S.A. products! All of the products on Loom Decor are made BY HAND in Nashville. Yes, that’s in Tennessee. And where’s Tennessee? Yes, that’s right, in America. WOOO to the HOOO.

Now I just have to figure out what I want….. this might take longer than the entire basement being put back together! Wish me lots of luck, and of course, head over and Create custom window treatments and more with the click of a mouse at Loom Decor! Shop Now!  I know I’m not the only one who needs a little help with home decor!

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