Death bills: what death truly costs your family after you’re gone

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Death bills. The idea of what it actually costs your family if you died isn’t something one wishes to think about. No mother enjoys thinking about leaving family behind, struggling to survive without your presence, let alone financials. Life Insurance is a necessary evil in our lives, and Jenny Life Insurance helps ease the life insurance buying stress for moms!

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Jenny Life Insurance Death Bills

Death bills are substantial

As a parent, thinking ahead must happen. Death included. There’s no getting around setting things up in advance, in order to be sure some kind of college fund is available for your 5-year-old. Perhaps, even, a fund helping pay off your mortgage, easing the burden for your spouse and kids.

I get how…. morbid life insurance is. Personally, it’s my least favorite bill to pay each year. However, it’s the most important bill I pay each year. In my twenties, I bought a life insurance policy. It was enough to cover funeral costs if anything happened to me. Ironically, my father set all of it up with his insurance guy, and paid the premiums on it whilst I attended college.

Morbid gift to give, but it truly was for my parents’ peace of mind. If anything happened to me, instead of focusing on costs, it would focus on mourning. No worries about paying huge fees to lay their daughter to rest. Oddly, it stuck with me for a long time. Dad always thinks ahead, and instilled in his kids the value of thinking ahead.

Jenny Life Insurance eases worry

After college graduation, my insurance policy continued. Years later, I still have the same small policy. However, becoming a mother meant I needed a larger policy. Once again, the insurance policy process began. HASSLE. Appointments. Blood test. Just, such a pain in the butt for a mom of two kids. Necessary, but a royal pain in the backside.

Jenny Life Insurance eliminates appointments (with insurance brokers.) It also removes the blood work, and physicals, old school policies require. FREEDOM! Buying life insurance is right on your smartphone! Check it out:

Less hassle. All the life insurance benefits. Peace of mind. Sometimes, technology truly does make lives easier!

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