Dirty Mouth? Oral Irrigator is the solution!

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Everyone knows I’ve got a dirty mind, and there’s not much I can do to clean it up. We also know I’ve got a dirty mouth, with all my cussing. However, right here, right now, I’m talking about a different kind of dirty mouth.

Dirty Mouth? Oral Irrigator is the solution! #oralirrigator #healthygums #badbreath #toilettreeproducts #gotitfreeforreview

Dirty Mouth? Oral Irrigator is the solution!

What you may not know about my mouth: my teeth are super close together. As a kid, I had straight teeth, all lined up super perfect. Adult teeth came in, no worries. No braces needed at all. What happened? Well, they continued to stay straight, but when those damn wisdom teeth arrived, in order to fit into my mouth, my teeth shifted. They got super snuggly with one another. So snug, I could barely get dental floss between them to help clean them out. TRAGIC.

Now, as luck would have it, I went through almost my entire life without any major issues. The wisdom teeth fit, and no cavities ever showed up. Awesome. Dad was happy not to have to pay for anything but cleanings, while I was young enough to be on his insurance. Wasn’t he lucky? NO braces. NO cavities. NO wisdom teeth to have removed. He made out like a bandit with me.

I got older. Got married. The hubby doesn’t have dental insurance, and BAM. The wisdom teeth that happily snuggled into my mouth all those years ago, well they decided to cause a few issues. First, I was told I had cavities in them. WHAT? I was also told if I didn’t get them out, the teeth next to them would end up with cavities, because they were super close together and very difficult to properly maintain.

Awesome. Luckily, I have a cousin who is an oral surgeon. People flock to him from all over the area, but also from other parts of the world. He gave me a good deal, and let me pay off the surgery over a VERY LONG PERIOD of time. His office staff was super great about accepting very small payments over a couple of years, so I could pay it all off. He had to remove all four wisdom teeth at once, because hell knows I wasn’t going back for more.

However, the damage was done. My teeth were jammed together and super hard to floss. So what was the answer? A water pick, as I always called them. Apparently, they are actually better known as oral irrigators. Who knew? I know I didn’t. I can tell you there’s a lot to choose from, and most of them don’t work all that well. It’s a struggle to find just the right one, but I think I finally found one that doesn’t take up a lot of room, and works like a charm. Allow me to introduce the one, the only, ToiletTree Rechargeable Professional Oral Irrigator!

ToiletTree Oral Irrigator #toilettreeproducts #gotitfreeforfree

Oral Irrigator for the win

First things first, don’t start it if it isn’t in your mouth. It will shoot water everywhere. I’m not saying I did this, or that it ended up all over my bathroom mirror, sink, counter and my dress. All I’m saying is, have it close to your mouth when you start up the oral irrigator. Got it? Okay, good.

Once you’ve got it close to your mouth, make sure you have it fairly close to your open mouth. Once again, I’m not telling you that my particular second try at using the oral irrigator was not successful. The experience may, or may not, have finished with water all over my mirror, sink, counter, and dress. All I can stress to you is this: have the irrigator facing your mouth, close to your mouth and OVER the sink so the water can drip back out.

Perhaps, by the third attempt at trying out the ToiletTree you’ll get the hang of it. It might require Mr. Sunflower showing you how to use it without it spraying all over the bathroom. I do rent him out for this process, if you need him. The key to using an oral irrigator is to keep the darn thing CLOSE TO YOUR MOUTH. I’d never used one before, and didn’t realize how much they do spray. They get you pretty wet, but this one didn’t seem to get me as wet once I learned the proper way to use it. Thanks for the assist, Mr. Sunflower. Our bathroom mirror appreciates it.

Do you want to learn more about ToiletTree? Head to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can learn more, perhaps find some discounts? Who knows, it’s social media! Anything can happen on social media, right?

What was your first experience like with a water pick, or oral irrigator? Did you get water everywhere? I totally didn’t, I was just kidding….. that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!



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