I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I paid for my, and my family’s, travel, accommodations, and tickets. Disney Social Media Moms Celebration provided discounted pricing for conference attendees.

As established by my entire Disney Social Media Moms Celebration series of travel posts, I’m a fairly new Walt Disney World vacation-er. Just because I’m new to this, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do my best to make the Disney experience as magical as possible, right?! Well, one of the best things we could have done for our trip was use Garden Grocer. What’s Garden Grocer you ask? Well, I’m so happy to introduce you to them!

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Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Garden Grocer

When Mr. Sunflower and I found out both of our hotel rooms would have a fridge in it, we were very excited. It meant we could load up on bottled water, so we wouldn’t have to buy them at the parks (although we did find out that you can score free iced water at most of the quick service spots in all the Disney Parks.) We could keep a couple in the freezer part of the fridge, and then bring those to the parks to have cold water for a good chunk of the mornings at the parks! WOOHOOO.

It then hit us “where do we get the bottled water while there, because we won’t have a car to head out to a store?” I went into research mode and through my research I found a couple of delivery services in the area, but the most talked about one was this place called Garden Grocer. Everyone was talking about how great the service was, so I visited the website to look around at what they had to offer. Let’s just say they offer more items to have delivered to your hotel than you could possibly imagine.

Mr. Sunflower went through the product categories, and found snacks for us to purchase for our hotel, and since Disney Parks lets you bring snacks into the park, we knew we’d save a ton of money if we got some snack items to have for the parks. Let’s just say there are a ton of categories once you click on the SHOP tab. It’s an organization lovers dream!

Shop by brands, or categories ranging from baby care, to condiments, to soups! My husband, being the smart shopper that he is, went right for the warehouse club category and scored us great snacks! We had plenty of little bags of goldfish, chips, pretzels, and of course, water bottles. There were so many snacks, we even had them for our flight home in our carry-ons and personal bags! Once the kids returned to school the day after we got home, they had a few snack bags to use for snack time at school!

Our favorite aspects of Garden Grocer

First, the shopping process was easy, for sure. We were able to schedule an appointment for the delivery to our Disney Yacht Club Resort. They brought it to the check in area, and I got a text to let me know it was delivered. Awesome. I let the hubby know it was there, because I had my number for them to text me. An email was also sent, and then I got a phone call from a HUMAN to make sure we knew it was there, and everything was good with the order.

Second, the customer service was basically THE THING that won me over, and basically won my business with them for every trip we do at Orlando-based hotels. YES, Orlando-based hotels! You read the right. They don’t just deliver to Disney Resorts. They also deliver to other Orlando hotels. The difference? Disney ones more often than not, will hold onto your delivery. You DO NOT have to be present during the two hour delivery window time.

Finally, since we didn’t have a car, and to have a cab take us to, and from, the local stores would have been a silly expense, we ordered the minimum of $40 for delivery, and there was a $14.00 delivery charge. None of us had to be in the room WAITING for the delivery, it was dropped off and we collected it when we were ready to get it. No stress, plenty of snacks, and stellar customer service. It made our Disney trip even more magical!

Are you traveling down to Walt Disney World and staying at a hotel? Will you have a car during your visit? If not, Garden Grocer is definitely the perfect solution to saving on all kinds of snacks, drinks, and if you’re in a hotel with a little kitchen area, you could save BIG on actual meals, too! Look into it. And by all means, feel free to use my Garden Grocer affiliate link. It costs you nothing extra, it just helps me stay in business by earning a small commission for referring you! So thanks!

Shop at Garden Grocer for your next Disney World Vacation!


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