Emphasize Education: 4 major ways college can improve your child’s life

Children may complain about waking early for school. They may also dread going to class, however, getting a good education can improve your child’s future in many ways. Some young adults feel the temptation to take time off of after high school graduation. Sometimes it’s to pursue a career, other times it’s to figure out who they really are.

emphasize education: 4 major ways college can improve your child's life

Emphasize education to help improve your child’s life

While you don’t have complete control over your child’s decision, it’s crucial to emphasize education while they’re young, and impressionable. Here are four major ways that college can improve someone’s life:

Help your child find their passion in an academic setting

There’s nothing worse than being middle-aged and asking yourself: what are you going to do when you grow up. You’re never too old to pursue your dreams, and to find your actual passion. However, it’s best if you identify your passion, and set your dreams, while young.

Emphasizing how important education is, and instilling the importance in your child, helps them in the long term. You can help your child integrate their passions into their field of study. They can then apply themselves while they’re studying for a degree. If your child has a passion for music or art, they can study music production, art history or more.

If they have a passion for all things athletics, they can strive to be both a student athlete and eventually the head of an athletic department by completing an online athletic administration master’s degree.

Increase their lifetime earning potential

Most people want to attend college to earn more money. You can land an entry-level job with strictly a high school diploma. However, the pay gap between college grads and those without undergraduate, and graduate degrees, continues to grow. On average, a college graduate makes around 56% more than high school grads.

The gap is only accelerating. In your child’s lifetime, they will earn an average of $1.19 million with at least a 4-year degree. They’ll earn almost half that amount ($580,000) if they decide not to enroll in a college program. While there are exceptions to the rule, you want your child to have the advantage as a candidate.

Improve their chances of living a healthy life

There is a direct link between education level and health. In impoverished communities where the average level of educational attainment is low, there are high mortality rates. There’s also high rates of malnutrition. Malnutrition then leads to health complications.

Essentially, providing a chance for your child to advance their level of education, can help them live a healthier life. They’ll have better access to healthcare, as well as nutritious food.

Keep them busy so they stay out of trouble

Children who don’t have anything to do to keep themselves busy will find the wrong things to do. When your child graduates high school, they might feel like they have a new-found freedom.

Without any academic responsibilities, it could leave them looking to socialize with the wrong crowds. There’s a link between education and criminal activity. It’s critical to influence your child to stay in school so they’re more likely to stay out of a jail cell.

The college experience can change how your child looks at the world. Encourage them to get past their reservations and point out the fun and positive aspects of getting a college education. Finishing a degree program is just the first step to the future. They will thank you for the encouragement later in life.

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