Every textbook rented at CampusBookRentals.com earns money for Operation Smile

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College is one of the most expensive parts of life. Between the tuition, dorm room, and textbooks it’s basically going to put most people in debt for years, and years. Depressing, right? What can people do to help ease the burden of college expenses? Well, stop buying brand new textbooks! Renting textbooks can help your budget. Even better, when you head to CampusBookRentals.com, every textbook rented at CampusBookRentals.com earns money for Operation Smile. So you get a happy little budget-friendly book experience, and you get to help bring a smile to a child’s face at Operation Smile. It’s kind of a win-win.

What is Operation Smile?


Operation Smile is an international charity for kids. It puts medical professionals who can provide reconstructive surgery, as well as related medical care, together with children born with facial deformities. A cleft lip and palate are serious conditions. It isn’t just about vanity. Children often die before they turn the age of one, and if they survive, many aren’t able to eat, speak, or smile. Without Operation Smile, many kids won’t have a future. Operation Smile provides the needed medical help for children in over 60 countries, and when people rent a book from CampusBookRentals.com, they are helping to bring Operation Smile to another child in need.

How does CampusBookRentals.com work?


CampusBookRentals.com is a fantastic way to save money while in college. It’s a website where students can rent textbooks, use them as if they are their own – highlight, write notes – and then return them. If you really want to keep them, you can and just pay the difference. However, if you choose to return them, it’s free to ship them back to CampusBookRentals.com. It’s a whole lot easier and about 40 to 90% less expensive to rent textbooks than buying them brand new, or even used. When students try to sell them back to school bookstores, the books value is never anywhere close to how much money was shelled out to buy the book. It’s been this way for years, and it won’t change in the near future. Renting is cost effective, and hey, if you’re lucky, perhaps the notes and highlighting from previous students might just be super helpful!

Too late? You’ve already bought textbooks?


No problem, you can now make money renting them to other students! How? So glad you asked! RentBack.com is the perfect option for those who already have books, and want to make more money renting them to other students, rather than selling them back to the school’s bookstore. It’s super easy. Head to RentBack.com, hunt for your textbook in the search box. Once you find it, you can print a shipping lable to send the books to RentBack.com. RentBack.com receives the books, and then rents them out to students. Once the books are rented out, you make money! Bonus? Your  books can be rented out again, and again, and again. Every time the book gets rented, you make money. Pretty sweet, right?

Learn more about RentBack.com with this lovely little video:

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