Experience revolutionary speed: The Fios Gigabit Connection

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Experience revolutionary speed, just like little old me does, with Verizon Fios! It’s insane to think about having download speeds of 940 Mbps and uploads of 880 Mbps. However, it’s reality for those in the right area on Verizon Fios. Plus, it’s not breaking any budgets out there. Oh yeah, the price is definitely right to switch over. We switched to Fios years ago, and because of our love of the service, I happily became a Verizon Fios Ambassador.

Experience Revolutionary Speed: The Fios Gigabit Connection

Experience revolutionary speed: The Fios Gigabit Connection

It’s a well-known fact I work from home. At one time my office set up was downstairs, but after a huge flood, and rebuild, I chose to put my office space on our main floor of the house. I’m in the middle of all the madness, because I’ve taken over a portion of our family’s living space where the action happens once the evening hours arrive.

During my day, I’ve my music streaming on my desktop, while working, and having no less than 15 windows open on my desktop at one time. Verizon Fios keeps up with me as I upload huge design projects for clients, as well as download files for various clients. Everything is happening at one time, and nothing slows down. Uploading, downloading and working all at one time. I just shake my head some days remembering dial up back in the day.

How is it possible to have all this taking place without me stressing about work getting done? Easy! Downloads happen in lightning fast time with my Quantum Internet at 100/100! NOW? People in the right areas will have speeds of up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 880 Mbps. YES. It’s the new Gigabit Connection.

Just how many devices are connected to my Verizon Fios?

Our house is device heavy. WiFi connections for the printer, one desktop, three laptops, five tablets, and two phones. Three televisions occupy our home, and we’ve also got The Boy using his gaming system on the regular. One desktop is hard wired to the internet. I’m sure we glow in the dark at this point, with all this technology happening around us.

When guests come over, more devices are added to the network. As long as I’m able to work, without any lagging on my internet connection, I don’t care how many devices hook up to my trusty Verizon Fios. Granted, I’m not big on having playdates with multiple kids over at my house, but when we have a few kids over, all of them have devices that pretty much automatically connect to our WiFi. It’s normally the same kids, because I can only stomach certain kids my little sunflowers call friends.

It’s nice to know there’s not going to be any meltdowns, from me, about having a slow internet connection. I can be a rather large baby when I can’t work as quickly as my hands, and brain, will let me work. It’s always been fantastic, but now, some can get the new Gigabit speed! Hey, why not upgrade to Verizon Fios Gigabit if you have it available in your area!



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