Family Friday: Manicures with Mommy

Manicures with Mommy is our family thing. I’m in the stage of life where both kids are at school on the daily. It’s not a long day, just 6 hours. Well, it’s long for them, I’m sure. Especially with just 20 minutes for lunch, and 20 minutes for recess. However, in comparison to a workday, it’s at least two hours shy of a 9 to 5 job. Throughout my life most of my jobs required more than an 8 hour work day. However, working from home with two kids, it requires I take time whilst the kids are home to finish up my work. It happens. The guilt is there, but I brush it off. It’s why I’m dedicating a solid afternoon each week to just “being with the kids.” It’s not always a Friday afternoon, of course, but I’ve named it Family Friday.

Family time is spent doing manicures on Fridays.

Manicures with Mommy

Even The Boy loves manicure time. It doesn’t thrill me. It’s not for the reasons you might be thinking. Rather, The Boy’s habit of placing his hands in his mouth way too often. It’s something he continues to do at his age. What’s worse? He’s in school, and this annoys me to no end. It also means, I don’t want nail polish consumed when it chips off whilst his hands are in his mouth. Our luck? He’ll be allergic to something in the polish, and get sick. Yeah, that’s our kind of luck around here these days. I think I must have walked under a ladder, in the path of a black cat, and broke a mirror without knowing it – the luck is that bad right now. UGH.

In any event, Little Miss loves to have her nails painted. She loves to watch me do my manicures, and pedicures. She’s in love with the process, and the outcome.

We Julep

Julep is our polish of choice. Reason? It’s 5-free and Vegan-friendly. Is it perfect? No. However, I feel better about using Julep on our nails. The colors are awesome, and I love how I get my box once a month. It’s a small treat for the ladies of this house! Of course, The Boy loves it, too. He just loves all the colors, and helping opening the box.

Look at that face. He does look super excited with our growing collection….

Since little miss loves when I create designs on her nails, I invested in the Plie Wand. It helps me give her cute manicures. It’s a lot easier to put those little stripes on the tips of her nails with the striping tool.

Stripes aren’t enough, though. She’s got to have some dots….. so Mommy makes it happen with the dot tool!

If it was up to her, every nail would be a different color from our growing collection of Julep polishes. Mommy doesn’t have all day to devote to manicures, so she gets to choose three colors. One for the base, one for the stripes, along with one for the dots. Simple. I do try to coerce her into colors that compliment one another. Orange, and light purple look good together. We added in a few dots in a coppery color, which match the orange tones. I was pretty impressed with this week’s creations.

The best part about my daughter? She’s so patient as I paint the base coat on, and equally as patient waiting for it to dry. The patience continues as I put the color coat on, and it dries. Even more patience is displayed as I create lines, and dots, and then again she’s patient when she has to have the top coat painted on! Oh, and then she waits for it to dry. It’s so much easier, and calmer, of an experience when we have lots of patience and no smudges! Mommy hates smudges after working so hard creating the nail art!

Weekly manicures

Quality time for mommy and Little Miss happens rarely. I’m not playing lacrosse in the yard with her, that’s daddy and daughter time. It’s hard to get one-on-one time with Little Miss, because I do have two kids. It’s usually me and them, without much one-on-one time. I think the new quality time will be dedicated to weekly manicures for her, while The Boy hangs with daddy….. once daddy doesn’t have so much overtime to work to pay for the damage from our flood in the house.

Do you have a daughter? What’s your one-on-one quality time activity you partake in? Let me know in the comments below! We need more fun activities for our time together! I hope to have more than just our weekly manicures to spend with my baby girl.

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