Family Friday: Struffoli for the holidays

Every year the kids look forward to one family tradition around the holidays: making Struffoli with Daddy. Yup. I know. Most of the time kids cook, and bake, with their mothers. Well, here in this house, Mama Sunflower isn’t good in the kitchen! Struffoli for the holidays is a tradition I let Daddy handle. It’s his family’s recipe, and his annual Christmas fun. My job during this tradition? Documenting it with photos.

family friday struffoli for the holidays #struffoli #holidays

Family Friday: Struffoli for the Holidays

Honestly, I don’t eat them. I’ve never liked them. Sorry, I know. I’m Italian, hell I’m Sicilian, and Struffoli has never been something I’ve enjoyed. My mother on the other hand, she LIVES FOR IT during Christmas. She starts dropping hints in October about my husband making these honey balls for Christmas. It then sets the kids into a frenzy, because they adore making the little balls of dough, plus they love to eat them. Poor Mr. Sunflower doesn’t stand a chance with all of this pressure to produce his famous holiday dessert. He always caves, and slaves over the hot oil while the kids go nuts rolling out the dough. It’s hysterical to watch them all working like little elves, because Nana has to have those honey balls!

How can you say no to all this cuteness happening in the kitchen?

family friday struffoli for the holidays #struffoli #holidaydessert

What are your holiday traditions? You know the ones the kids talk about all year long. Dog with a bone is what I call it;  just won’t let it go. It could be something as simple as visiting Santa at the mall, or crazy awesome like going to the Bahamas for the holidays! I’m all ears, or since you can write a comment, I’m all EYES!

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