Financial crisis: a small monthly life insurance fee can save your family

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Spending a small monthly life insurance fee can save your family from a financial crisis. Preparing ahead of time for such a small amount of money each month allows moms, and dads, to breathe easier.

jenny life insurance financial crisis

Financial crisis

It doesn’t take much to throw a working, middle class family, into financial crisis. If your family requires two incomes to survive, and one of the bread winners passes unexpectedly, it quickly destroys future plans. What if your family has one working parent, and one parent stays home, and the “at-home” parent passes? How does a family handle the financial burdens of child care? According to the balance, parents paid an average of $15,895 for full-time infant care.

Let’s be brutally direct: no scenario where one parent passes, is a happy one for many reasons. Why add money stress to the mix?

Worry less, spend a small monthly fee now

We all attempt to live in the moment, and not allow our worries to consume us. Hands up if you’re actually capable of not worrying about what might happen upon your death, or your spouse’s death….. yeah, I didn’t think anyone would raise his, or her, hand.

No one wants to be the Debbie Downer, but we all want our families taken care of if something happens. The easiest way to do this? Budget a portion of your spending to Jenny Life Insurance.

Life Insurance is NOT as expensive as you think it is

Simple Life Insurance claims 80% of Americans think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is. The truth is, it isn’t a huge financial burden, because Jenny Life’s rates are relatively low. Even better, the insurance is easy to qualify for through Jenny Life’s iOS App, as well as Jenny Life for Android. No having blood work done, or a physical. Super simple, and relatively inexpensive.

Check out Jenny Life Insurance for yourself, and sign up easily on your iPhone or Android device.

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