FiOS TV offers Free View

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When I was younger, and we had a cable company for our television provider, there used to be preview weekends. Now this was years ago, so FiOS TV didn’t even exist, and the plan we had with this service provider was rather basic. I believe the only movie station we ever had was HBO. Back then, there was just one HBO channel, and music was played on MTV. Yup, I’m that old. No comments please. In any event, I lived for premium station preview weekends. LIVED for them. However, most of the time, they chose the worst weekends for me. We were always busy, and couldn’t take full advantage of the stations! Total bummer.

Free View on FiOS TV

Free View on FiOS TV

It’s very strange to even admit this crazy “childhood thrill.” Mostly, because I rarely even watch television these days. However, most of the shows I do watch are all on premium stations like HBO, and Showtime. I’m blessed enough to be able to work with Verizon FiOS, and benefit from a huge package of television channels. However, if I wasn’t, rest assured, I’d be taking advantage of their newest perk! Free View on FiOS TV.

What the heck is Free View? Oh, it’s magic, my friends. MAGIC. If you’re a FiOS customer, you’ll be able to pick any 48 hour period of time you want, that fits into your life schedule, to preview premium stations you’ve been kind of wanting to check out. You know, you want to test the waters, before you take the plunge and upgrade your premium channel package. It’s the way of the world, right? You’re not going to buy a bottle of wine, unless you give it a little taste test first, right? Why not test out the premium channels everyone raves about, before you commit. I get it, that’s how I shop for everything.

Instead of having to wait for FiOS TV to decide when they’ll offer the previews, you get to decide. Once a year, for each premium channel, you can activate a 48 hour preview of the premium channel of your choice. Don’t have HBO, but want to see what’s all about, activate your Free View any day of the week! It’ll last for 48 hours. The 48 hours YOU have time in your schedule for.

Flexibility isn’t just in the time you choose to do your Free View, but also where you can watch your stations. Download the FiOS app and you can access your Free View just like all your other channels with FiOS – on your phone, or tablet. Watch when you want, where you want!

So many reasons why I love my Life on FiOS. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Learn all about Free View, I promise, you’ll thank me for this!

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