Verizon FiOS is wired differently

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I’ve expressed my love for how Verizon FiOS is wired differently. I’m not relying on coaxial cable anymore, but rather fiber optics. It means my photos upload at warp speed, as opposed to my window timing out, and starting all over with a smaller batch of photos to upload. Yup, it happened often when I was with my former service. All.The.Time.

Verizon FiOS is wired differently

Verizon FiOS is wired differently

Photos are an integral part of my life. Not photos of me, but rather photos of my kids, family and friends. Every year, I spend many hours creating photo books to capture the year in a visually stunning way. I create photo gifts, and photo books, to give as gifts for the holidays, and all of the photos I use for all of these projects, require tons of uploads from my computer, to the internet. Mother’s Day is another big photo gift giving kind of holiday, because my mother has always loved photographs. Right now, with my mother working hard in her rehabilitation from her stroke, photos are such an important part of her recovery.

Photos can spark memories for my mother. Pictures bring smiles to my mom’s face when she sees them hung up around her room. If you saw my mom’s house, you’d completely understand our need to be able to upload photographs quickly! She’s running out of wall space for all her photos of her family, friends, and loved ones. It’s no wonder why I’m big on taking pictures, and having them all over my own home. The apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree in our family.

Previously, it would take so long to upload photos each month, that I had to start batching them. Yes, there I sat, putting photos into batches, so I could upload them without my photo sharing website timing out. It’s a bit frustrating when you add all the files, hit upload, and then leave it to do other things, then come back and find the window timed out and you’ve got to start all over. Putting them into smaller batches of files to upload helped, but it was time consuming, and just annoying. Plain and simple, it was my least favorite part of creating my photo books, and gifts.

Now? Now I can upload hundreds of photos in seconds, not minutes. It means I can spend a heck of a lot more time creating my beautiful books, and gifts. Score. It’s just another reason why I love my life on FiOS.

Have you guys checked out FiOS? Is it in your area yet? I’ve loved it for years, which was why becoming an ambassador for them was a no brainer. If you’re not wired differently yet, visit Verizon FiOS and get yourself hooked up!

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