FitBit does more than count steps

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Count steps you say? Sure, I don’t mind if I do! People are jumping to get trackers of all kinds, and my personal favorite is the FitBit. My wellness coach gave me a FitBit. Earlier this year, FitBit made it easier to track my sleep. As for the fact it counts steps, that’s great. However, it really only counts them if you swing your arm while you walk. It’s not an exact science, but that’s fine. Each step it does track for me, earns me points. The points redeem for cash at Walgreens, and my personal favorite, Duane Reade! Yes, people, FitBit does more than count steps.

FitBit does more than count steps - earn cash, track sleep

FitBit does more than count steps

Earn cash to spend at Walgreens and Duane Reade

I’ve had my FitBit for quite a long time, and I’ve had it connected to my Walgreens account since the first day I received it. Why? Connecting my FitBit to my Walgreens account earns me points for walking, and hitting goals with the FitBit. All those points I earn, those can be redeemed for cash, which I can spend at either Walgreens, or Duane Reade. The accounts sync, and all those step tracking points get fed to my Walgreens account. When I shop at Walgreens, or Duane Reade, I whip out my Balance Rewards card and the cashier tells me how much cash I can put towards my purchase. It’s a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing.

After earning 5,000 points, redeem them for $5.00. Or, just keep building them up. I’ve had $30 to spend almost each time, just from earning for walking. Granted, I do a lot of walking with frequent trips into New York City. Plus, I walk a lot to – and -from my mother’s hospital room. I walk, a lot. However, if you’re walking any amount at all, you might as well earn points for it, right? Right!

Track sleep

Now that you know FitBit doesn’t just count steps, and you can earn some spending cash to buy your favorite shampoo, or make up, at Walgreens and Duane Reade, let’s discuss how cool the sleep tracking is on the FitBit. When I first got the FitBit Flex, I had to double tap it before I fell asleep, and then double tap it first thing when I woke up in the morning. Let’s just say that didn’t work well for me. I forgot almost every night to set it to track my sleep, and then when I did remember at night, I’d totally forget to double tap it again in the morning to stop the sleep tracking. DISASTER.

As luck would have it, they updated the FitBit Flex’s technology, and BOOM. I don’t have to double tap anymore. No purchase necessary for the updated technology. I just had a little message alerting me to update it from my dashboard, and it’s been tracking my sleep without me having to worry about the double tap. Can I get a WOOHOO? [I’ll wait. Go ahead, yell it loud and proud.]

Sleep tracking

Back with me? Okay. Why is tracking my sleep so important? Honestly, to prove to my husband his snoring is causing a lot of my health issues. I don’t get a good night’s sleep, because he snores so loud, it could wake the dead. Trust me, he shared a room with a couple of his cousin’s on a trip once, and they BOTH informed me that I was absolutely right, Mr. Sunflower is the loudest snorer they’d ever heard in their lives. However, Mr. Sunflower doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and does nothing about it. So I suffer.

Silly, right? Super selfish. He’s shooting himself in the end, honestly. Without enough sleep I get sick, as well as unleash a supreme bitch from deep within. So really, let’s just look at the proof and go ahead and plop yourself on the couch so Mama Sunflower can get some sleep, ‘mmmkkayyy?

Awesome arm candy to wear

Right about now in this journey we are on together, you all know I love me some jewelry. If you don’t know this, you do now. FitBit Flex comes with a not so attractive black band, made of rubber that isn’t comfortable to wear. Yes, different colored bands are available for purchase. However, I don’t like the bands. Mama Sunflower took no time to track down some prettier alternatives. A girl has to have awesome arm candy to wear, and I’m not talking about a handsome fella on her arm. I’m talking legit arm candy: bracelets!

It didn’t take me long to find Funktional Wearables. Gorgeous bracelets that you insert your FitBit Flex into, and it tracks the steps just as easily as that ugly rubber bracelet! I’m in love with my Tinley in light tan. I love it so much, I plan on getting a couple of new colors! Black, so I can wear it with more formal outfits, and perhaps gray. I haven’t decided yet. There’s also gorgeous chunky bracelets, and intricately designed bracelets. You just have to shop around, find the perfect fit for your wrist!

If you’re considering getting a FitBit, I recommend the Flex. It’s really been a huge help for my shopping, sleeping, and arm candy game! You thought all it did was count steps! I hope you’re more likely to try one out for yourself. Enjoy!


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