Focus on the facts, don’t believe the myths about LASIK Eye Surgery

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Ever decide to do something awesome for yourself, and tell someone close to you? Was she supportive, or did she come at you with all the negatives? Tons of misinformation thrown at you? When it comes to LASIK, don’t believe the myths, focus on the facts. Don’t allow others to talk you out of something. Do your research, and focus on the facts!!

Focus on the facts, don't believe the myths about LASIK Eye Surgery [sponsored]


LASIK: don’t believe the myths, focus on the facts


Anyone can get LASIK Eye Surgery.


Heck no, not true, my friends. A consultation is done to find out if LASIK can be done on your eyes. If at the end of the consultation, you’re told it’s not right for you, TRUST the reputable surgeon. A reputable surgeon will not perform LASIK if you do not have good cornea health (could be damaged, or too thin.) It’s always good to get more than one opinion when it comes to any kind of surgery, for sure. But if one says no, another says yes, go for a third and go to surgeons with a great reputation in LASIK. Make sure you ask your LASIK surgeons all the right questions, too.


If I have dry eye, and other post-surgery symptoms, I’ll have them forever.


Listen, the surgery isn’t perfect. People aren’t all the same. Eyes aren’t all made equally, and identically. LASIK has risks, and some of those risks include dry eye, glare, night vision issues, etc. Personally, I had absolutely no issues following my surgery, except sensitivity to light. Well, that’s expected, right? Just had my corneas adjusted, so sure, I’m going to be a bit sensitive.

However, sometimes the side effects show up, and stay forever. It’s the risk one takes when doing LASIK. The good thing is? Many people’s symptoms resolve these symptoms over a longer recovery period. It’s all about your eyes, and how they will handle the surgery. It’s important to do your research, and understand the risks of LASIK Eye Surgery.


You must keep your eyes perfectly still, and you can’t move at all, during the procedure.


Ummm, no. The amazing part about the laser for LASIK? The laser tracks your eye, and adjusts accordingly. No need to worry about moving your eyes. Now, if you sneeze, or make a more dramatic movement, the laser stops temporarily. The technology and science behind LASIK comes from NASA, and it’s legit. LEGIT.

Is LASIK perfect?

Nothing in life is perfect. Nothing in science is perfect. We live in an imperfect world, don’t we? What you need to do is sit down, grab your paper and pen, and do the research. Ask questions of your surgeon; the surgeon’s staff; the surgeon’s previous patients, or current patients. These are your eyes, and your vision. Do not allow others to tell you the perfect surgeon for you! Check a few different ones out, and be comfortable with the staff the surgeon has in the office.

Don’t allow false myths to sway your decision, but rather, dig deeper and learn the facts. These are your eyes, and the only set you’ll ever have. LASIK was the best choice for me back in 2004, and I recommend my surgeon to everyone. I still see him every year for my check ups, and his staff is phenomenal. But hey, that’s me. I did the research, and asked the questions, and I couldn’t be happier to have debunked much of what was presented to me by naysayers.

Definitely use this handy checklist to get the most out of your research –> Guide to LASIK Outlines

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