If you want to see more of the world for less, definitely keep reading. I’ve pulled together some awesome tips for getting a last-minute package deal for less – and there are plenty of different ways to save. Take a look at the frugal ways to save on last minute travel deals, and let me know what you think, and, of course, share your tips if you have any!

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Frugal ways to save on last minute travel deals

Flexibility Counts

First of all, it’s best not to be too choosy if you want to save megabucks for a last-minute vacation. You will find most of the most popular resorts around the world are booked up long in advance. Although there will be cancellations, the competition can be stiff. So, by all means go for it – but you might find better luck being more flexible with your destination plans. There is nothing better than finding a little corner of the world that is your own little paradise, which few have even heard of, let alone visited.

Ignore Discount Savings

Don’t let travel agents fool you by falling for their marketing tactics. For example, you might see an ad for a 50% off vacation, and think you have found yourself a bargain. However, the price will only actually be 50% off the original advertised price – perhaps from the original brochure. In other words, it isn’t the greatest deal you will find, and there’s a good chance the tour operators have never sold one trip at that price. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and there are some great deals out there. But if you’re looking for the best value, don’t take the tour operators at face value!

City Break Packages

City breaks are a great way to see the world, and there are some fantastic deals available when you book last-minute. A good example is the vast amount of business travelers that fly to different countries these days. They will often book early to go abroad for meetings, and international conferences. Something will often come up, and they end up canceling their trip. That frees up last-minute space on the plane, and the local hotels, which means you can swoop in for a bargain. Also, you will save on luggage costs. Rolling backpacks are small enough to be used as hand luggage these days, and you can easily pack enough in for a weekend away. One thing to remember, though, is to leave some space for the way home if you are planning on going shopping!

Patience Is A Virtue

When you hear the phrase ‘last-minute deal’, it can be tempting to dive straight in, and snap it up. However, a little patience while you are searching for a better deal will pay off. So, use airline websites, and not just resort finder websites. Try your local travel agent, too. They often have exclusive deals that can’t be matched anywhere else – and they will often tailor your trip according to your needs. Keep your options open and you will find the perfect last-minute travel deal – for the very best price possible.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips for grabbing a great deal on your next trip away. Let me know how you get your own deal!

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