Fun activities for winter break

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New York still has a winter break. It’s always in February. Winter break is bullshit, sorry, there’s no other way to say it. It’s unnecessary, and needs to be removed from the school calendar. Now that the weather has changed so dramatically over the years, those days should be incorporated into our calendar as SNOW DAYS. However, since this has yet to happen, we have to have fun activities for winter break. Why? Because parents can’t throw their kids outside, and tell them to just play. It’s too damn cold. Instead, we’re stuck indoors, and we need fun activities for winter break!

Fun Activities for Winter Break #winterbreak #funinwinter #indoorfun

Fun activities for winter break

Our days will be filled with play dates, and some great fun. Check out fun activities for winter break, you know, in case your state still has this archaic week off, too!

Make 2 Wear Strand Bands

Strand Bands kits come with over 180 feet of peel apart Strand Bands, which means HOURS of creating for my daughter. Little Miss loves to design jewelry, and crafting is one thing that keeps her occupied for hours. She can bang out bracelet, after bracelet, for herself, Mama Sunflower, and her friends. It’s beautiful to see her design bracelets using the charms, and beads, plus the Strand Bands.

I’m looking forward to some matching bracelets. All of my daughter’s creations include mommy and daughter matching goodies. It’s the cutest thing she does, and since she’s fairly talented at making jewelry, the darn things she makes are beautiful! Lucky mommy.

Definitely consider getting your little ones a Strand Band kit, you can find Strand Bands on Amazon.

Fun activities for Winter Break #strandbands [sp}

Game Consoles

Surprisingly, 2015 brought our home from just one game console, LeapFrog LeapTV, to two game consoles, when we broke down and got the kids WiiU for Christmas. Both have games that get the kids off their butts, so that’s a huge bonus. LeapFrog LeapTV has a lot of learning, which is great for The Boy. It’s the perfect way to help his math skills, plus his reading skills. When he gets tired of playing educational games, he can switch gears and break out his Skylanders SuperChargers for his WiiU. Bored with those? He can move to his Disney Infinity 3.0, and have Inside Out’s Anger stomp around for hours.

Listen, it keeps him busy, while his sister is creating Strand Band bracelets. We take what we can get!

Card Games

UNO. It’s our card game of choice. The kids have a few different decks, but their current favorite is their Shopkins themed UNO cards. Each deck has a tweak to the standard rules, so it’s always a good time trying to remember which set of rules works with the deck we’re using. Oh, the arguments, the fighting, the stress….. wait, why is this going to be fun? I’m not sure this one is the best to put on this list for fun activities for winter break. My bad. Move along now….


Reading isn’t always fun for my son. However, when there’s a challenge involved, he’s more apt to participate with enthusiasm. Wrestlemania has a challenge they do each year, and my kids’ winter break happens to be the final week to participate, and get the final hours of reading entered! Winter break will be packed with reading, and since there’s a challenge involved, it’ll have a fun aspect to it. SCORE!

Indoor Trampoline Park

Energy overload. Both my kids have boundless amounts of energy. If I could trap it, and use it in my own body, I would. Instead, I want to water it down. Tire it out. How does one do this during the crazy cold winter break? Head to an indoor trampoline park. Our preference is Sky Zone. The staff at our local places is trained well, and the safety is the most important piece of the puzzle for the staff, and owner. After the hour of bouncing, both kids are hot, sweaty, and ready for a nap! It’s a win for Mama Sunflower.

Movies on FiOS

Being an Ambassador for FiOS has perks. It means I’ve got access to the best package FiOS has on the market, and that means it takes no time to download great movies from Google Chromecast. Fast internet, fast downloads, and happy kids. Plus, we’ve got a ton of great shows, and movies, on our DVR. Our Quantum TV can hold up to 200 hours of HD shows. Whatever’s recorded, no matter which room it’s recorded in, can be seen on any of our televisions, in any of our rooms. Excellent! If all else fails, it’s time to do a little On Demand. Whatever works, so we’re enjoying our down time!

Library Programs

Public libraries are amazing. When I was younger, I grew up in a district that had a library other libraries modeled their children’s programs after. It was phenomenal. When I was older, I even worked at the library in my neighborhood. Now we live in a district that has a great library, and decent library programs. The kids love participating in the programs, and during winter break they have an American Girl doll program Little Miss loves.

Both kids love crafts, and art, so they’ve been signed up for everything during the week, so most of our days during winter break will start off with fun. Plus, it gets us started early, so we can stay in a bit of a routine, yet still sleep in a bit, so Mama Sunflower doesn’t completely lose her mind.


Food. Food I never have to cook. It’s always fun to head to our favorite chicken place, now that we have one closer to where we live! I dream about the Chick-Fil-A Cobb Salad, with the Avocado Lime Dressing. The kids love the Frosted Lemonade, and the waffle fries. Little Miss is a big fan of the nuggets, and The Boy? Well, he can eat the fries and drink his frozen drink. Fighting with him over eating isn’t fun, so we’re not doing it during winter break! If you’ve got a local Chick-Fil-A in your area, treat yourselves to a great treat, with unmatched service. Seriously, best service we ever get is always at Chick-Fil-A restaurants.

What’s on your agenda for Winter Break this February? Do you even have a Winter Break? If not, how’d you get rid of it from your school district? I’m desperate to get Winter Break banished, but it’s a rough fight. Warm weather breaks are so much more fun, don’t you think? Although, with all our fun activity ideas, this year might not be so bad.

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Staci loves to write, and loves to share her "take" on everything thrown her way. Movies, entertainment, food, fashion, shopping, money, travel and family. There's nothing off limits at, and Staci's always telling it like it is: good, bad, and all that lies in between!