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garment extender for onesies

Babies. They cost a boatload of money. In order to save a bit of money as a new parent, it’s important to strategize when putting items on your registry. It’s amazing to have a new baby in the family, for sure. However, many family members and friends won’t know what to buy your new baby. Make sure you include this number one thing on your baby registry: garment extenders for baby clothes! It’s pure genius.

Garment extenders help new parents save money in a huge way

You may not be able to put garment extenders on your baby registry at a local store. It’s rare to find them at a place like Target. However, you can find this genius baby registry item on Amazon!

Bodysuit extenders

These little heavenly items snap onto onesies, and increases the size, giving parents a few more months with onesies. Let’s face it, onesies shrink once washed. It’s just a thing. Plus, babies grow at lightning speeds. These onesie extenders are GOLD. Since they come in three different sizes, more often than not, one of the three options fit a variety of brands of onesies.

Every parent going through newborn fun needs garment extenders. There’s no need for the silly wipes warmer, people. Trust me. These little pieces of heaven extend the life of all onesies you received from your many friends, family and co-workers.

Let’s talk onesies

I strongly recommend not getting too many Gerber brand onesies. Listen, I’m a fan of the Gerber brand in other areas, but not with their onesies. Gerber onesies: sized super mall, and shrink too fast. Instead, buy more Old Navy brand onesies.
Buy Old Navy brand in short sleeve, long sleeve, white, and multiple solid colors. They last forever. My daughter had the 6-12 months sizes, and those lasted until she was close to 18 months without the extender and almost 2 years with the extender. Even better:
  • they wash well
  • stand up to numerous cleanings each week
  • lasted long after my daughter grew out of them, just in time for my son to take them for a spin for another two years
 Carters sizes things HUGE. Gerber sizes things small. As for Old Navy, all of the clothing, not just onesies, is true to size. GAP, too. Old Navy has better clearance, and better prices in general.
Buy good quality onesies, and the garment extenders, and set yourself up for years to come!
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