Gifts That Help Kids Develop an Interest in History

Life teaches us history repeats itself. Memories fade over the years, and we forget the lessons history teaches us. Historical events remain a diligent teacher of human nature. Having a healthy curiosity of history teaches us as much about ourselves as those who created it. It’s not a bad idea, then, to find gifts that help kids develop an interest in history. Knowledge of history will help them when growing up and seeing their world unfold before them.

develop interest in history

Help develop an interest in history in your kids

Visiting Museums and Historic Sites Gives One Context

It’s a gift to humankind when curators take great care to preserve actual places and things that tell the story of real history. We can hear the stories about historic moments in time. However, when we can go there and see and touch the things, it makes us part of that reality. It has a way of erasing the years and putting us front and center in the action.

Personalizing history is compelling and sparks children’s interest to understand what happened on a particular battlefield. Some venues have interactive exhibits where children can get a real hands-on experience. Kids can touch and hold:

  • replicas
  • old bones
  • use equipment of a certain era

UNESCO, the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) and the National Archives are just some resources to help make the past more meaningful to budding history lovers.

History Books Are Not Just for Adults

Adults aren’t the only ones who will enjoy reading about history. For children today, there are plenty of books that teach them about the past. Engaging books encourage conversation. These books give children an opportunity to make the past relatable to what they’re going through present-day.

Many people gain a sense of accomplishment from reading historical accounts of how someone triumphed and overcame the limits or restrictions of a time. This is why historical novels about business can be instrumental as a driving force for success in a young reader.

Give the Gift of History-Themed Toys and Games

Stuffed dolls or historical figures engage children who love to play. They’re great tools as role models and for cultivating a sense of appreciation in history. There are also plenty of board games and video games that teach history. Recreating historical battles is a sure way to challenge kids, and excite children who like make-believe.

When one can stand in the footsteps of those who have gone before and attempt similar struggles, one gains an understanding of how things turn out the way they do. Bonding with history is yet another way to introduce the idea of history-intensive careers such as politics, tourism, journalism and teaching.

Historical Movies

History itself is a storehouse of information about people and societies. Through the ages, we have seen how human behavior is impacted by the advancements made within societies. However imperfect, history serves as a laboratory. The data from the past is our most vital evidence in figuring out the complexities of being.

In this way, it can be most helpful to see the actions and the drama in the many well-produced and superbly performed characters from history in films. Young minds are often impacted by:

  • visual scenes from history
  • stories of those individuals who struggled and prevailed against all odds making history in the process

Historical movies can be great gifts for children who love to watch television.

In many ways, we can feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t take much, though, to show young minds we all can make a difference; perhaps even make history if we can see beyond the scope of a singular speck within the universe. There is power in history and empowerment to be gained by being a student of history. For many, this is a life-long pursuit that is most rewarding.

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