Smarter appliance choices save money in your home

Smarter appliance choices for your home has a certain thrill to it, but many people avoid it because of the cost. What if you could get something new that would pay for itself in just a few short months by saving you money on other things? That would completely justify the purchase, because after the product has paid for itself, you’re actually just saving money on your bottom line. Here are some of the top home appliances and products that can reduce other household expenses.

Smarter appliance choices save money in your home

Making smarter appliance choices for your home

Sewing Machine

This appliance is regaining popularity, especially among stay-at-home parents looking to save money on clothing and other fabric household goods. Not only can you make clothing with a sewing machine, but also quickly repair ripped seams! Plus, there’s other fixable problems a sewing machine helps with, resulting in less need for discarding clothes with minor issues. You can also save on household items, like curtains, pillow shams and even a slipcover for an aging couch.

Water Filter

Bottled water is one of the most wasteful products you can buy, given that you can get your own tap water for just pennies on the dollar. However, it can contain chemicals, pesticides and other undesirable components that your municipal water system doesn’t test for and that affect not only your health, but also the flavor of the water. Filtering your tap water in a simple pitcher or filtration system is a cost-effective way to provide fresh water for your whole family. The water filters you purchase will quickly pay for themselves through a reduction in the amount of bottled water you purchase.

High Efficiency Shower Heads

An average shower can use 60 gallons or more of water, which is not only wasting the water itself, but also wasting the energy used to heat all of the water. Installing a high efficiency shower head is a quick job that can cost you less than $20. In many cases, the shower head will cut your flow of water to less than 2 gallons per minute, which adds up to savings of close to $50 per year in the average household.

Coffee or Espresso Maker

If you’re one of those adults who relies on your morning cup of coffee or latte from the local coffee shop, you can save a lot of money by starting to make it at home instead. A high-end coffee maker will run you about $80, but reduce the cost of a cup of coffee to just 30 cents, so it will quickly pay for itself. An espresso maker is more expensive, coming in at about $200 for one that will approximate the quality of a coffee shop latte, but you’ll bring the cost of your latte under $1, which should save you several dollars each day.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can probably find room to purchase just one household appliance or product that will pay for itself. Once paid for, and saving money, it’s easier to save for your next purchase. Every time you use one of these products, you can think about the nickels, dimes or dollars that you’re saving your family.

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