Hot Beauty Trends Making Waves this Summer

Beauty is like fashion: it never stops moving. There are constantly new, and exciting, trends just begging to be included in your beauty routine. It’s fun to personalize the trends, and make them your own, so read on to discover some of the top hot beauty trends creating a stylish splash this summer.

hot beauty trends making waves this summer

Hot Beauty Trends Making Waves this Summer

Going Bare

This year, summer beauty runways revealed dew-fresh, and bare complexions. It’s time to leave the makeup bag behind, girls! If you love the idea of low-maintenance makeup, which requires little more than a dab of concealer, be sure to look after your skin so that it’s clear, and fabulous, without needing coverage. Drink lots of water, eat skin-boosting foods, and avoid things that can lead to skin inflammation, causing acne. These include smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating inflammatory foods such as those containing high amounts of sugar, and wheat.

Purple Reign

Love wearing your smoky eye makeup? Instead of using black, grey or brown, switch to shades of purple. Purple has become the color of summer this year, so rock its various shades to make a sensual, and trendy statement. Make sure you find the right color for your eyes, though. For green eyes, choose a dark, eggplant tone to make it elegant. If you have blue eyes, purples with a dash of grey in them accentuate your eyes, without overpowering them. If you have brown eyes, add some brown, or bronzer, to the colour to warm it up.

When wearing purple, keep the rest of your face minimal, so your eyes make a bold statement.

Creating Magic with Metals

A touch of silver or gold is a must-have accessory for the sultry days of summer. Whether this is in the form of a stunning hair accessory, earrings, or a gorgeous ring, bring metals into the mix. Draw inspiration from Valentino, whose runway featured models with tiny gold starfish, and shells, in their hair, creating that ethereal beach feeling.

Stained Pouts

Instead of perfectly lining your lips with liner, this summer lips are all about looking as though you have just eaten berries, and the juice stained your lips. To get the look right, apply your favorite shade of red, or berry, lipstick with a lip brush, so you create feathered edges. When touching up, simply dab on the color with your fingertips, and skip the liner altogether.

Under-Eye Brilliance

The only makeup applied underneath your eyes: concealer ! Concealer helps send those sneaky dark circles into hiding. However, summer trends are all about making the under-eye area flashier with bright and bold eye liner. Use an angled eyeliner brush to draw on a bright color, such as aquamarine, or red. Don’t be afraid to be bold with this trend!

Rocking the Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a trend in beauty, and fashion, this summer, but take the look to the next level by matching them to the gemstones you wear in your favorite jewelry pieces. Future fashion forecasts reveal that some of the most popular gemstone colors leading up to Summer 2016 are burgundy, ruby, green, and grape purple. So, if you’re wearing a bright red lipstick this summer, match it with ruby stones in your ring or pendant; likewise, that pale blue swimsuit will look gorgeous when matched with aquamarine earrings. Complete your image this season with juicy gemstones!

Summer beauty this year is all about daring to be different and embracing color. Follow the above tips to make the season sparkle with style.

Author Bio: Gwen Lewis is a writer, and makeup artist, based in Southern California. Because of her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others not just look great, but feel great, whether through makeup, or her writing. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, and pick-up soccer games with her friends. Check her out on Twitter at @GwenEveLewis.

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