Reduce plastic use to save money and help the environment

Plastic water bottles line landfills, streets, stadiums, along with oceans, all over the world. Many people indulge in these convenient bottles, making the environmental and financial impact of disposable bottles a growing concern. Let’s all help reduce plastic use!

Reduce Plastic to save money & the environment

Reduce plastic use in order to help the environment & save money

More than three million tons of plastic, as well as 17 million barrels of oil, go towards water bottle distribution worldwide. Not only does this process consume resources, but it also contaminates the earth with plastic. Plastic will take thousands of years to decompose. Moreover, plastic decomposition leaks chemicals into the water supply, as well as the atmosphere. It’s damaging to people, animals and ecosystems. Not only do these bottles pollute the earth, they take money out of consumers’ pockets. Though it seems inexpensive purchasing one at a time, these incremental costs add up over a year!

To help save the planet from plastic pollution, as well as cut back on needless costs, consider more eco-friendly ways to stay hydrated:

In-Home Filtered Water

Many refrigerators use water filters to purify, and cleanse water. Easy to replace every three to six months, filters use activated carbon to trap sediment, chemicals, minerals, along with other contaminants. Additionally, refrigerator filtered water is often purer than water in plastic bottles. In-home systems offer convenience comparable to disposable bottles. Refill a dinner glass, water pitcher, coffee maker, or metal water bottle, at the touch of a button.

Not only do filters provide pure and convenient water, but also cost less than disposable bottles in the long run. Refrigerator water filters, which need to be replaced infrequently, can be ordered online. Buy in bulk when cost cutting. Rather than clutter the environment and your home, invest in replacement water filters to save money and reduce excess plastic waste.

Reusable Bottles

With your in-home filtered water, refill reusable water bottles. By filling a metal reusable bottle, in particular, you remain safe from chemical leaks common in plastic bottles. Try Nalgene, Kleen Kanteen or Siig water bottles. If you can’t afford to install an in-home filtration system, there are portable and reusable water bottles with built-in filters. These bottles are available in a variety of sizes and colors! Don’t sacrifice fashion! Pick something stylish for staying hydrated, healthy and eco-friendly.

Financial Savings

Consider the financial benefits of supplying a home with pure drinking water. If you drink eight glasses of tap water every day, each glass breaks down to only a few cents. Drinking eight plastic water bottles every day costs more than $1500 every year. Reusable bottles require a one-time investment of around $20. These financial figures illustrate the actual expense of plastic water bottles versus filtered, refillable containers. The advantages of plastic alternatives make the investment worthwhile for both the environment and your bank account.

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